Monday, May 12, 2014

Must Read Monday: I'm a Frog

Well, today was supposed to be the big start to our SOLs...and then the internet was down. I had already cancelled my groups in preparation, but at least I had more time to get ready for tonight's Title I Fun Night. I will share more on that later this week. Today I wanted to join Amanda (Teaching Maddeness) for her Must-Read Monday linky because when do I not enjoy talking about a good book or two?

Must-Read Monday Linky

I will be doing PLENTY of reading in the next few weeks since I can't do much else during testing, but today I want to share about a book that I've been reading with my son recently.

If you don't already know (or haven't guessed from my blog title), I'm a HUGE fan of Mo Willems! And I am pleased to say that I have passed that love on to Keagan in the past few months as well. He now requests specific books, and it's usually a Pigeon or Elephant and Piggie book. I bought this one and got it last week with my latest Scholastic order.

The book is all about pretending to be something you're not and how fun that can be. Keagan and I have been having fun pretending to be different animals and having other imaginative play. I mean, we did it some before, but this has sparked a more intentional focus on imaginative play. Last night we were making our feet and hands "sing". I think we need to make some puppets soon!

I've never been interested in teaching preschool, but I'm loving being a mother to a preschooler. They soak up SO much at this age!


  1. Mo WIllems is the best! I'm thinking of doing an author study on him the last week of school because I know the kids will just love it! We've only read the pigeon books this year, and that is simply NOT enough Mo!!

    Kindergarten Teacher at the Wheel

  2. Who doesn't love Mo Willems?? I've never read that particular one, but it sure sounds cute! Thanks for linking up this week! :)

    Teaching Maddeness

  3. I'll have to check this book out! Have fun testing! I don't miss that being in 2nd grade ;)

    Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

  4. Looks like a fun book! I love Mo Willems too! So crazy how testing is at the mercy of technology! We had the same thing happen to us last year. Oh well! You do what you gotta do!!

    We finished testing yesterday, and I am so glad to be back in a somewhat groove. Good luck with testing!

    Reading Toward the Stars