Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Fabulous Bloglovin 350 Follower Giveaway!

I am so excited to announce that my 300 350 follower giveaway is finally here!! I have to admit that I was very scared of the big switch to Bloglovin because I had gained so many followers on GFC, but now they are close to even!

For this giveaway, I had 23 fantastic bloggers donate items, so I was able to split it by grade level. There will be two winners (one for each rafflecopter), and each winner will also receive their choice of a $10 gift card to Target or TPT...

Maybe you want to buy some things to spruce up your classroom?

Or maybe you've been eyeing some great products to help get your year started!

...AND you get winner's choice of any item in my TPT Store!

To keep from making this post any longer than it already will be, I'll cut to the chase and show you what else you could win. Enter one or both giveaways, and be sure to share it with your friends. The giveaway will run for a week, so you have until next Tuesday at midnight!


Teaching Maddeness

Amanda M. is giving away her Memoirs Writing Unit from her Teacher's Clubhouse store

Memoir Writing Unit - Tons of activities for prewriting, publishing and sharing!

Teacher at the Wheel

Amanda D/ is giving away her Johnny Appleseed Phonics Game


Teaching in Progress

K-2 Nikki is offering her Take a Break and Behavior Management Pack

Laura is offering her Nonfiction Rainforest Printable Book

Karen is offering her See it! Think it! Write it! CVC words

I'm Lovin Lit

Erin is giving away a set of Black and White Doodle Frames and Borders

Andrea is offering TWO winner's choice items from her TPT store

And you get winner's choice of any one item from:

Mrs. Tretbar's Library

Teresa's TPT store

Miss V's Busy Bees

Sara's TPT Store

Shifting Teacher K-2

Christin's TPT Store
Eclectic Educating

Amy's TPT store

a Rafflecopter giveaway

3-5 Giveaway

The Teacher Wife

Catherine is offering her Rainforest Exploration Habitat Pack

The Sweetest Thing

Lauren is giving away her adorable Bunches of Backgrounds set

{Bunches of Backgrounds} 120 Designs, Frames for Personal

I'm Lovin Lit

Erin is giving away her Plot Elements Foldable Collection

And you can also have winner's choice of any one item from:

4th Gr Flipper

Holly's TPT Store

Joy in the Journey
Ideas By Jivey

Any single math unit from Jivey's TPT Store

Jennifer's TPT Store
Jenny's TPT store

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Optimum Organization, a giveaway, and a favor

Yesterday, I went to my classroom for the first time and started transitioning into Back-to-School mode. I still have a month left before I have to report, but they had finished cleaning and I was really excited about a new piece I was adding to the room.

About two weeks ago, I received an email from SmileMakers asking if I would be interested in reviewing one of their products.

Have you ever heard of them? I had, but I'll admit I didn't know anything about the company. They are part of Staples and have been open for 35 years. They offer a lot of great teaching products (including the Dots on Turquoise set that I LOVE and was tempted to review), which made my decision more difficult! Some of the items I considered (click on the picture to follow the link):
Dots on Turquoise Designer Desk Set
Desk Organizer - Low
TCH1173 - Assorted Rectangular Plastic Woven Baskets
Assorted Rectangular Plastic Woven Baskets

But I finally decided on this:
TCH1153 - Crafts Keeper
Craft's Keeper

It took less than a week for the package to arrive on my doorstep, which is awesome because I hate waiting. Then again I had to wait about a week for my classroom to be finished so I could set this up and use it. 

 It required no tools and had very simple step-by-step instructions. (Crayons not included - that was to entertain Keagan)

I had a little bit of trouble putting the main box together only because I started assuming what I was supposed to do next and veered from the instructions. Fortunately it was very easy to go backwards and fix my mistakes. This is the main structure completed. It's nice and sturdy for craft supplies.

Once I finished putting together the little boxes, I was eager to fill my new product with crafts. It was perfect timing because the piece of furniture it's sitting on was about to collapse (plus I was just throwing odds and ends there and needed some organizational help), so I needed to reorganize and downsize.

Right now, the boxes are stuffed with regular markers, highlighters, glue sticks, and dry-erase markers. The boxes are deep and can hold A LOT!! I think I'm going to move the expo markers back with my white boards, but I wanted to try it out. I'll probably add crayons to that box instead. And of course, I'll have to create some cute labels!

When I went back to my class, I also found out I have $100 to spend from the beginning of school. I hate to pay shipping on ANYTHING, so I was thrilled to see these deals. Now it's just a matter of prioritizing and deciding what I want. So glad that they emailed me and I was able to learn about their company!

I also wanted to share about a great giveaway going on at Looking From Third to Fourth. I'm giving winner's choice of one item. Go check it out!

And don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my own giveaway. I plan on starting it sometime early next week. Stay tuned!

One final thing: I'm on instagram (@dalton_gang) and would LOVE for you to follow me! Now that I'm finally ready to think about school, I will be sharing more teacher-y pics. But my big favor is that you'll find this picture (its a few photos back, or you can click on the image below and go right to the site) and like it! 

I'm up against my sister to see who can get the most likes (well, right now it's just me vs. my sister) and win a $20 gift card to one of our favorite boutiques, James & Leigh. Right now she's beating me by 3 likes, so I need some help!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord

It's Sunday (well, actually it's Saturday night because I'm scheduling this while the hubs and baby are already asleep), and this linky with Michelle was perfect for what I was already planning on doing!

Keagan and I survived a week without daddy, and it was a lot of fun! We are very glad to have daddy back, though. It's hard keeping an active little toddler busy by yourself for 5 days, especially when it's CRAZY HOT and we can't go outside until late in the day.

I'm super pumped about this Thursday because I'm going to the VA Blogger Get-Together! Thanks to Karen at Mrs. Stamp's Class for putting this together! If you live near DC, you should definitely come join us. Just email Karen so she knows how many to plan for.

We're also planning on doing a freebie blog hop very soon, so keep your eyes out for it. I still need to get on the ball and create my product for it, so what would you like to see? A craftivity? Center for a specific skill? New mystery? Or something related to a good beginning of the year book? Please leave your preference in the comments!

Also, while Steven was away and I was computer-less, I reached 300 followers on Bloglovin! Planning a giveaway to celebrate (and help my numbers catch up over there). If you would be interested in helping out, please fill out the form below. I'm planning on a more traditional giveaway this time (like 1-3 winners) and would LOVE your help!

And finally, here are some current giveaways that you DON'T want to miss!

Phew! Have a great Sunday!