Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mo, I love you, but...

...I think we need to take a break. Trust me, it hurts me far more than it will you.

You see, I have a little boy, and he adores the pigeon! I mean, I was the one who fostered this love. He also is a huge fan of Elephant and Piggie. The problem is that he's become a threenager who is now using your words against me. Granted, it's really funny, I have to stop him from telling people, "Okay, FINE! If it means SO much to you, I'll (insert whatever you asked him to do)." Or, "I want a puppy! Right here, right now!" Or, "Okay! Okay!" Or most recently, big, dramatic groans which, when told to stop, he responds, "I was being like Gerald in Waiting is Not Easy!"

Don't get me wrong, I don't blame you. These are the exact books I fell in love with and even chose to name my blog with a nod to (Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late). My husband laughs and blames me. "You created this beast!" Yes, I did. I just didn't expect our mutual love for reading to backfire into a smart mouth at the age of 3. We will be back soon, once he's old enough to understand why he cannot say everything he hears, even in books his mommy reads. I will miss you, though.

Until then, we are going to see other people. Someone calm with a whole lot less drama. I'm thinking Pete the Cat.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Currently July

So I actually did my "currently" yesterday, but when you have a 3 year old and a 5 week old, some things get interrupted. One day I'll be able to write a post in a single sitting again...

Listening: Considering our new normal, this was "quiet time". Keagan was supposed to be napping and usually sleeps like a champ, but for some reason yesterday was the exception. He only took about a half hour nap, so we had a grumpy boy by evening. Not fun...

Loving: It had been insanely hot to the point where you didn't want to be outside, so I'm enjoying these days in the 80s. Much more manageable!

Thinking: Between writing thank you cards, dealing with insurance, packing, and taking care of TWO kids, one who needs to be held constantly, there is very little down time. I need one of those wtaps like yesterday. Or maybe a third arm?

Wanting:  It IS summer, after all, and I'm ready to put my toes in the sand and relax. We may try to steal away next week for a day trip in the midst of packing insanity.

Needing: There is so. much. stuff. And we've barely begun. I hate clutter, so this is going to drive me crazy. One week. I can do it!

All star: After reading this, I don't think it sounds true, but I am usually very "go-with-the-flow" and known for my laid-back attitude. It just takes a lot to really get me worked up (although beware when it happens! I have a redhead temper). I'm a problem solver and have always been good at finding a happy medium.

And just because they are the cutest things in the world, I leave you with a picture from Caffrey's newborn photo shoot. Aren't they adorable?