Friday, August 1, 2014

Help Raise the Parr!!

Okay guys. I did this committee all week and forgot how to manage my time we'll enough to check blogs in the evening. So when I pulled up my blog feed today, it had 249 unread posts!?! Yeah, I can't handle that. So I'm probably going to just delete almost everything I have in there. So I'm very sorry if I miss whatever amazing stuff you posted. It's going to kill me to hit "Mark as read" that many times, but I've just got to start fresh.

I also realize that it's Friday. I thought about doing Five for Friday (and think I could probably come up with five good things), but I decided to skip out and focus on just one major thing.

A few weeks ago, one of our local schools lost a very well-loved teacher unexpectedly. Renee was a 30-year-old, seemingly healthy mother and first grade teacher. Although I did not know her personally, she was very close to some of my friends. One of my husband's classmates put together a fundraiser for her family, and she was able to get some AMAZING products donated!

Click on the link to read more about Renee's story and see the bundles available. There are 5 different sets for only $10 each, and ALL of the proceeds will go into a fund for her daughter who is right about Keagan's age (2 or 3). My Case of the Missing Backpack is included in the 3-5 bundle if you've had you eye on it!

Thank you ahead of time for your help! I feel Luke the teaching community is always so generous. Please also consider passing on this information so more people can help (plus you get an extra boost right before school begins).

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  1. Thank you Melissa for your donation and support. I feel wonderful so many teachers can support this sweet family and benefit from some awesome products. Have a great school year!