Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Two for Tuesday You Don't Want to Miss

It's that time of the week again, and I think you'll be really excited with my choices today!

For those who are new to this linky, every Tuesday bloggers choose two items in their store to put up for 50% off regular price FOR THAT DAY ONLY! This is a great chance to score some amazing products, so I would recommend clicking on the picture above to see who else is participating. Of course, that is, after you finish seeing what I have to offer. :-)

Mega Mysteries Bundle - 9 activities for drawing conclusions
This is my newest product and includes all 9 of my popular "Case of" mysteries for drawing conclusions. I have also created a preview for this file so you can see the exact format for each mystery. Two of my most popular mysteries that are included are:
The Case of the Secret Admirer - an activity for drawing c    The Case of the Missing Backpack - an activity for drawing
This file is regularly priced at $30, so it's a STEAL today for $15! I almost can't believe I'm doing it.

Character Analysis Posters and Graphic Organizers
My other choice for this week is much smaller but still great for those planning for specific skills. I know our 5th grade students begin the year with a lot of character analysis. I created this file to really help them dig deeper into character. It's only $1 today!
Go check out what else is on sale, and be sure to come back tomorrow for my second to last book talk!

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