Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pirates Ahoy! (and some Thanksgiving, too)

I feel like it's been forever since I made my last product, but I finally had some time to do a little creating! I bought some awesome pirate clip art last year and had yet to use it, so that is where I began:

First, I HAD to have a new mystery, and stolen treasure was just an obvious choice. This mystery is also great for talking about character traits because I used higher level vocabulary to describe each suspect. (Doesn't Jinxy Jack just have a nice ring to it?)

I'm also working hard to create more literacy centers for "Big Kids" that aren't holiday specific. As with all of my other sets, I did a lot of research to include fun pirate-related information to practice difficult language art skills.

Then I wanted to finish a Thanksgiving mystery that I actually started last year and was too exhausted to ever finish. This one is more predictive. They have to decide who is most likely to win the "wishbone contest" (the person who ends up with the largest part of the wishbone). Bonus: I include strategies to win! :-)

If you have already purchased my Mega Mysteries bundle, both mysteries are now already included, so make sure you download it again. And the Thanksgiving mystery has also been added to the Fall Mysteries Bundle. You don't want to miss these new, fun mysteries!

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