Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Currently November

It's November 3, which means I'm already two days late for Farley's currently. But still, that isn't so bad. Let's pretend I was working hard cleaning house and not binge watching Pretty Little Liars during the boys' naps. Yeah, sure. And I definitely wasn't stuffing my face full of candy...and in my defense, I did start this post yesterday and just didn't get around to posting it. So it's almost only one day late.

Listening: Like I said, I started this yesterday. Right now, I'm actually just getting ready to head in for work because we have conferences from 12-7. So I've been cleaning since I didn't on Sunday.

Loving: We're that crazy family that starts pulling out the Christmas stuff right after Halloween. That's just about as far as we've gotten, though, because we've been so exhausted. The only things that are out are Keagan's Christmas nightlight, a Rudolph dvd, and his Rudolph "snow monster" that sings. We may start with the village this week. Unfortunately our tree died (like literally fell over along with having a slew of lights out), so we need to buy another one before starting on it.

Thinking: I mentioned before that our Title 1 program is using Fountas and Pinnell's LLI system this year, and I really like it! My groups are just finishing their first round, and I'm so excited for them to move up another reading level so quickly!

Wanting: We usually have already been apple picking, but the rain prevented our first scheduled trip, then it gets too crazy during the actual festival weeks in October. So we are supposed to go this weekend. I know most of the apples will be gone, but it will still be fun. As long as it doesn't rain again...

Needing: I have a problem. It's sweets. We have way too much candy in the house for my good...

Yummy: I'm a sucker for some creamy mashed potatoes. I think I could eat a few bowls of it. Like right now...

***Update: I saw so many people sharing pictures of their cuties that I just HAD to add one of my little family from Halloween. We had so much fun trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood, and I can't wait to do it again next year!

And one more since Caffrey's face was covered (he was Keagan's dragon)...


  1. Creamy mashed potatoes are glorious. Our boys are too little to eat candy, so Mr. Spouse and I have been eating all their candy, but we purposely didn't get a ton of candy because we knew we'd have to eat it all. =)

  2. We used LLI at my school last year and I LOVED it! I don't feel like my kids moved that much with other programs, but that one made a huge difference! Your kiddos are so cute. :) Have fun decorating for Christmas!
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