Friday, November 6, 2015

Five for Friday


I'm slowly getting back into the groove of teaching, blogging, and being a mom to TWO adorable little boys. My goal for this month is to blog at least once a week, but hopefully a little more frequently than that. I figure striving to do Five for Friday each week is a nice place to start!


The weather here has been awesome (well, for me at least)! It's not too hot, but it's cool enough that I can wear a lightweight sweater and jeans. We couldn't have done better for Halloween night and had a blast taking the kids around our new neighborhood. Keagan has gotten so much braver and didn't back down from any houses...

...although he did want mommy AND daddy to walk up with him on this one. He told me later that the witches on the porch were "super scary". They talked.


Caffrey has become a little chatterbox and is all smiles (well, most of the time at least). I miss being able to be home with him, but I love my evening snuggles. He's almost big enough to sit up on his own, and we're going to start giving him baby food once we go to the grocery store again.


Of course, I have been working as well and even had some time to finish a few products this week! I made two more mysteries and a new set of literacy centers for grades 3-5. You can read more about them and find them in my store by clicking on the picture below!


Most of my groups are finishing up their first level of the year and getting ready to do a novel study before Thanksgiving break, so I spent today unwrapping them all and getting ready to begin. I'm so proud of the progress they've made!


When I'm not teaching at school, I've been keeping my distance from kids. We've had a BAD lice outbreak here, and I feel like my head is constantly itching. I even had to have the school nurse check my head yesterday because I was so paranoid. I'm just praying they can deep clean the school over the weekend and get rid of ALL of it. It's so gross...


  1. Yikes, lice! They freak me out, too! I can never get over that itchy feeling once I know they're spreading around.

    Good job with your post. I'm trying to balance it all, too. One post a week is my goal, too, with hopefully more as I get into more of a routine. :)

  2. I love pirate themed materials! I know what you mean, I am lucky to blog once a week and it is with Doodle Bugs, but there are worse things. I haven't learned how to make materials like yours and would love to figure that out some day. In the meantime I don't mind a bit buying from talented teachers like yourself! by the way your kids are cuties, I'll bet it is hard to leave them. Paula

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