Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm Helping

Guys, I have been struggling with this whole Moore, Oklahoma story. I mean, anytime I hear about how a tornado (or any disaster) destroys an area, it touches me. But this one has gotten to me more than any other. When I heard about the school and those children, I just cried. And it didn't help that my little man is away from me at the beach all week. So I couldn't hold him tight like I wanted (and like I did after Sandy Hook).

I chose to donate a product along with MANY other sellers on TN. There's already almost $1500 worth of products that have been donated. If you donate, you will receive my Magic Tree House - Twister on Tuesday pack (along with a ton of other great stuff). I debated whether it would be appropriate to donate this, but I know that I would want to make my students more aware of tornadoes because you know that's what is on their minds right now. I hope you will donate!


  1. That's really great that so many teachers are helping out the people in Moore. Tornadoes are so scary and unpredictable and quick...I just can't imagine what it was like. Thanks for sharing this.

    Teacher at the Wheel

  2. Thanks for donating:) Moore is the town next to me and it is really devastating. Every little bit helps.


    My Teacher Friend