Sunday, May 5, 2013

Everybody loves a sale!

Good news! My voice came back, and I was able to sing this morning without issues! That also means I can go back to work tomorrow and get my last week and a half of test prep in. We start testing May 16 and go through May 31 (all tests in VA are online with our new Technology Enhanced Items - do your states have these?), so this is basically the end for me. Once testing starts, I will be helping with that. Then after testing, we start end of the year running records. So my groups are almost done for the year. Seems crazy to think it's that close to being over!

Just wanted to quickly share about the sales going on this week for Teacher's Appreciation Week. The TN sale started yesterday and runs through Friday. Some stores are up to 55% off!

Then TPT is having a sale Tuesday and Wednesday! Be sure to enter the code TAD13 at checkout to get an extra 10% off, and most stores are adding 20% off all of their items. Go check out Mrs. Leeby's blog to see other stores participating, then start filling up that cart! I know I'm planning on buying a few items!

Plus, isn't this button just adorable?

What kind of deals are you hoping to snag?

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