Saturday, January 12, 2013

Product Swap #3 - a sight word game

It's time for the 3rd ever product swap!


Jessica is so awesome to set these up every year, and this time I was matched with TWO fantastic ladies! This one is a little different.

I am reviewing Karla at Life in Special Education
 Life In Special Education

and then Sasha from The Autism Helper is reviewing me!
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th - Special Education -

So I went to Karla's store (One Room Schoolhouse), and she has SO many great items! She has a lot of math and literacy centers and some great activities for vowel sounds and things like that. The item that grabbed me the most, though, was her Splash! Sight Word Game.

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My third graders (and some fourth graders) still have a lot of trouble recognizing some of their sight words, so I thought this would be nice to use. I like to put my activities and games in file folders, but this one was too long, so I adapted it. I printed it on colored paper and then glued the two game sheets to card stock. Then I taped them together and had them laminated. This way I can fold it and put it inside the file folder still. For the cards, I just printed them on colorful card stock. They have cute frog backs you can print on the back, but I didn't have enough colored ink to do that.

Students read a word, and then they roll a dice (I just took dice and game pieces from one of my other games) to move if they read the word correctly. For my third graders, I took out most of the easier words to make it a little more appropriate for their ability.

  The colors are so nice, and my kids really enjoyed it!

So go check out Karla and Sasha's blogs, then follow the button at the top to see what products other bloggers are reviewing!

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