Sunday, January 20, 2013


I can't believe how quickly this little blog is growing! Just two months ago, I reached 100 followers and was amazed. Now I've already doubled that! With that being said, I need to get my butt in gear and come up with some kind of giveaway/thank you. I wanted to change it up a little bit and not have some extensive list of people involved (plus I hate to ask people for help again when I feel like I just asked them). I'm thinking of having a flash freebie from my store for one day only.That way I can thank all of you at once! If I did that, what item would you most like to see? I was thinking about my Valentine Literacy Centers, but they're geared more toward upper grades, and I want to be able to help out my lower grade friends, too! Maybe I'll have to create some new craftivity similar to my MLK craft.

Input would be appreciated!

Mrs. Leeby is also celebrating 200 followers with 3 AMAZING gift cards! You really should check this one out!

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