Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New TPT Store

Remember back in the fall when I blogged about Kim Norman, the author, coming to our school?

She's so sweet, and I've been in contact with her since then. Kim has been considering opening a TPT store for herself to sell guides for her books and other cute little things that she has created. Yesterday I received an email asking me to review a few of her guides to see if they were "TPT ready". I was so honored that she valued my opinion enough to even ask! I looked two of them over, and they have some fantastic resources. She posted her first few items on her brand new store (all of them are free so far!), and I want to encourage you to check them out.

My favorite item she posted is a teacher's guide for her book, Ten on a Sled.

This book follows the same patterns as Five Little Monkeys, but it's full of wintery animals. They keep falling off of the sled. The book is one that Kim read when she came for her author visit, and all of the kids loved it (even the 5th graders). Her activity sheets that she included as the freebie are great practice for alliteration. It has a place for students to write their name (or an animal) and then describe how they wiped out. She even included a list of great verbs for each letter so students can just choose one. I will have to use this activity with my older students to discuss alliteration!

Right now, she also has a freebie of seasonal number mazes which are very colorful and fun. Then there are writing prompt cards that use the 4 W's. She included 88 of these all for free!

So go check out her store and be sure to leave her some love! 

Oh, and keep your eyes out for another book review of hers. I'm about to get Crocodaddy, which I have been eyeing for a few months. As a mother, I HAD to check out this book!

I also noticed this morning that I am at 195 followers. When did this happen? I'm super excited and will be trying to scramble and put something together to celebrate when I pass the 200 mark. Any ideas? I was thinking a flash freebie for all of my followers.

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