Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tried-it Tuesday - Painting Class


Two weeks in a row! I'm so proud of myself. Last week, I shared about my first attempt at clipart, and I need to put together another post soon explaining how I got rid of the white background. Super easy, and I'm so excited that I now know how.

But what I want to share for Tried-it Tuesday this week has nothing to do with teaching. I've been seeing friends of mine from other places go to these classes where they all paint the same thing and get to take it home, and I've wanted to do it ever since. 
This is just a random cute example from Spirited Art - Richmond

The problem was how to find those places. (FYI, googling painting class doesn't work very well). Well, a few of my co-workers found one a while back, and I've been eyeing their website ever since trying to find the perfect class for me. If you live near Richmond, Chattanooga, Huntsville, Little Rock, or Scranton, check out Spirited Art! It was $35 a person (and considering you'd pay at least that much for a piece of art, that's amazing), and then you can bring food and drinks to enjoy while you're there. The one in Richmond is attached to The Wine Loft, and they served flatbreads, sliders, and wine. Then they also had cupcakes from Frostings which I wish I had gotten. They are YUMMY!!

Anyway, you choose what night to come based on the pictures and schedule which is posted online. Then you come, and an artist walks you through the steps to make a beautiful painting. I went with the girls from my small group and we were thrilled to learn we got to trace our crab before painting (that doesn't always happen) because none of us are great artists by any means. I think our paintings turned out really cute, though! I'm going to be hanging mine in Keagan's bathroom. It goes perfectly with the colors, and we already had a nautical theme going on anyway.

From left: Kelly (The Caddell Family), Liz, Grace (The Whitlock Family), and me

Kelly and I had Entertainment books and were able to use BOGO tickets, so we actually only paid $17.50 each, which is a steal. Then Grace (a former fourth grade teacher - taking a break with her 2 adorable kids) actually won another free class! I think we need to make another trip, don't you?

This is actually only half of the class - sold out night. So glad we reserved our spots ahead of time!

If you've never done this, I highly recommend it! And you really don't need to be an artist to come home with a decent piece of art to hang in your house.


  1. This looks amazing - what a fun way to spend a night - and you get art for your house!

  2. My friend and I just registered for one of these classes. We are going May 10th and are really excited. She is an art teacher, so I told her she had to fix my painting if I mess up! :)

    Eclectic Educating

  3. I swear that I am one of the least artistic people that I know and the thought of creating a painting just makes me wince:/ I think that I could do this though and would be so proud of myself! Thanks for sharing!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  4. I love love love going to these classes! I'm so glad you had fun too. I always have hated art but these are so much fun!

    Beach Teach