Monday, April 29, 2013

Instagram, oops, and random other

I have a little bit of free time before I head home, so I thought I would update quickly.

Have you heard about this? I started instagram a while back, but I'm not the best at using it. This sounded like fun, though! Now I just need to remember to take pictures while at school.

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So my sweet hubby reads my blog, and he was very disappointed with me last Saturday. When I posted about him finishing grad school, I made a big mistake. He graduated from the University of CINCINNATI, not Connecticut. In my defense, I've never been to either location and they both are long names starting with a "C". Still, Cincinnati is #3 for their Criminal Justice program, and he is very proud of that. 

I did know that their logo looked like this and that they're good at basketball. I just got the places mixed up. Sorry, babe!

In other news, I'm so excited that May starts this week! We'll be busy, but it's time for fun busy. This week we're having a yard sale, then every other weekend to the end of school is full of some kind of celebration/relaxation. Plus I only have 2 1/2 more weeks of teaching before SOLs start. We test May 16-31 because everything is online and we only have 3 labs. The nice thing is that every grade has a break before they take another test. The downside is that's a LONG time to test. After testing, I will help with running records for the end of the year while packing up my classroom for the summer. Still 33 days left for us, but that number is dropping quickly. It seems like last week I was saying 49, but obviously it wasn't!

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  1. Glad to hear Cincinnati mentioned! I have only been to the campus once, but it is nearby. I am going to try really hard to remember to take a picture for the instagram linky. That sounds really fun. Thanks for sharing!

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