Saturday, April 6, 2013

Five for Friday, or Saturday - Spring Breakin'


I know, I know. It's Saturday! But I was on the road all day yesterday trying to get home from GA, so there was no time to blog then. Today will have to do. Don't hate!

1. This is Keagan's second Easter, but he was so small last year that we didn't do anything special (he couldn't even sit up on his own yet). Our church did their annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday, and Keagan loved it! He had so much fun picking up the eggs and only dumped them out once. Unfortunately (for me), we learned that my boy also loves Reese's eggs. I was very sad. I was hoping to steal them all!

2. It was my Spring Break week, so we headed down to see my family in Savannah. They thought we were getting in late Sunday night, but we woke up at 2 AM and drove through the early morning to make it there in time for church. My parents were SO excited, and my mom practically ran to the nursery after church was over to pick up Keagan.
Doesn't he look adorable in his little suit?

3. While we were in GA, we decided to go visit my best friend in my college town (Mercer University in Macon). We spent Wednesday touring campus because a LOT has changed since we graduated from there. They're even starting football up again after a 70 year hiatus. I almost bought a shirt that said, "Hibernation is over. The bears are hungry!" A little back story: Mercer was really good, actually undefeated their last season, but during WWII, they lost too much of the team and just never started back up. I know it won't be a great season, but I'm so excited to cheer for them in something other than basketball. I also learned that the team that beat them out of March Madness this year was none other than FGCU, the big Cinderella team this year! How cool is that?

Anyway, there's this statue of Jesse Mercer in the middle of campus, so we had to take Keagan to see him and rub his head. He wasn't so much of a fan, though.
"I've got my eye on you, dude..."
"But I will pat your head if mommy holds me!"

4. So, my friend Amanda is also a teacher (we were roomies and classmates all through college) and has recently started her own blog!

She's still just starting up, but I taught her a few tricks while I was there and could walk her through it a little easier. Go pay her a visit and leave her some love. She teaches 1st grade and has some great ideas!

Teacher at the Wheel
And isn't her button so cute? I made it for her!

5. Today is going to keep with the pace. We're going to a birthday party later this morning, and then I'm going to the Bizaar Bazaar here in Richmond. I've never been, but everyone says it's awesome! There are lots of local shops, and prices are supposed to be really good. I can tell you more about it when I get back. Now I should get ready for the day though!


  1. Melissa,
    Great history lesson about the football program, we hear a lot of stories like that with professional baseball players too. Which is basically the reason for the movie A League of Their Own.

    Thanks for the post

  2. Looks like you had a busy week! How nice that you were able to make it to church with your family. :) I loooove the picture of Keegan looking at the statue. Hope your weekend is going well.

    Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day!

  3. Hi Melissa! Your little fellow is too cute! I love those Reese's eggs too! I've always wanted to visit Savannah. I live right outside of Charleston, SC and have never been. Maybe one day!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  4. Umm, Keagan's suit was ADORABLE. I'm in GA, so you passed right by me on your way home! We got to Hilton Head every summer and I have to say the drive between Macon and Savannah is the worst! There is absolutely no place to stop if you need to go to the bathroom!

  5. Keagan is so cute! It's looks like you had such a fun week. Enjoy your last day of Spring Break. I am heading over to Amanda's site. :)
    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties

  6. Awww! You posted about me and my blog! Thanks! I'm sure I'll have tons of other questions along the way, so I totally appreciate all of your help!