Friday, March 22, 2013

The truth is...

Alright, I had a lot of fun reading everyone's truths and lies and can't wait to see how many I actually got right. I was surprised and amused that EVERYONE got my lie wrong. However, to be fair, I was a little tricky and only gave a half lie. 
  • I did want to teach math (although I've always loved working with little kids) and I WAS failing my first college level math class before I dropped it. The problem was that I had only taken up to Trig in high school and tested in for college Calculus. There's a HUGE gap between the two. I cried. But my brother (who's 8 years younger than me) also told me that if I taught high school, he would never be able to listen to me. So maybe it was God's way of showing me I wasn't cut out to teach them. Instead I work with the high school girls at church, and it's the perfect balance!
  • Yes, I did want to be a preacher's wife, and yes, Steven was a deacon at our church. This is his year off, but he'll probably be back on soon. We go to a very small church, so the rotations are kind of tight.
  • I actually started teaching myself to sing alto in ELEMENTARY school, not middle school. (Sorry, maybe I was being unfair but I wanted to keep people guessing!) My best friend was the music minister's daughter, and we were probably in 3rd grade learning how to sing it. It kept us entertained!

In other news, I finished my Spring Literacy Centers yesterday and had two wonderful ladies review them for me last night. You can find them at both stores now. Enjoy!


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