Monday, March 4, 2013

My Lucky Seven

I'm finally doing it! I've wanted to host my own linky party for a while now, and the time has finally come. For those of you who have followed me for a little while, you may already know that I LOVE St. Patrick's Day almost as much as Christmas. It's just a really fun holiday to me! So I created a linky for the entire month of March. I hope you'll join in!

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The rules to this linky are simple. List 7 things in your life that you are "lucky" or blessed to have. Then please copy the button and link back to this post! Oh, and let's do the rule of 3. Comment on the two people who post before you and one after so we can meet new people!

Here are my seven:

My husband, Steven

This picture is from a wedding we were in a few years ago, but I love it!

My husband has become my best friend, and he really is AMAZING! He takes care of me, showers me with love, stands up to me when needed (I AM stubborn, so I need this a lot), and is a wonderful daddy! I couldn't have been any luckier when finding the man I want to spend the rest of my life with!


Christmas 2012

This little goober has only been a part of my life for a short time, but he has become my pride and joy! He melts my heart and makes me want to pull out my hair at the same time. Having a child really is a great way to have even a glimpse of the love that God has for us - that unconditional, I-love-you-even-when-you-poop-all-over-me-and-my-last-clean-pair-of-pants kind of love! And yes, that did happen shortly after I brought him home from the hospital.

My family

Thanksgiving 2012

I don't get to see my family too often because they live in GA (and my sister in MS), but they are the people who helped shape me into the woman I am today. I'm doubly blessed though, because Steven's family has accepted me as one of them, and I really am proud to be a Dalton!

My in-laws

My sister-in-law's wedding a few years ago

I hear so many horror stories about in-laws, but honestly I can't say one negative thing about mine! I truly feel like I'm a daughter. Steven even jokes that if something went wrong, they're more likely to take my side! Becky and Steven's parents have especially done so much for us, taking care of Keagan, helping with errands, and spoiling our child ROTTEN! They're the best!

My small group

Halloween 2012 with most of the kids from our group

It's been great to be a part of a group who are all in about the same phase in life. We had babies within months of each other and are now raising small children together. There are four couples, and we are finally beginning to add adults (we think they were scared to join because they might get pregnant ;-). These couples have become some great friends, and I really enjoy spending time with them each week. I'm even sad when I have to skip out of group.

My job and coworkers

A few of the girls hanging out to celebrate the weekend

I've worked at the same school since I graduated, and I can honestly say that the majority of the time I'm very happy there! I have a principal that lets us try new things to see what works (this year, we went almost entirely to CAFE and Daily 5, and we were encouraged to basically throw out the basals!), and I have some pretty awesome coworkers, too! These girls are great teachers who would all fit right into this whole blogging community (a few of them are blog stalkers already), and they've got amazing ideas! I love that they inspire me to be a better teacher!

My God and faith in Him

I stole this picture from a girl at our church. She's a GREAT photographer!

I wouldn't call this luck by any means, but really none of it is. I was blessed to be raised in a strong Christian family and given good Christian friends along the way to help me grow. With that, God has continued to protect me in every way. I've never really been in need for anything. Good health (rarely visit the doctor), enough money to make ends meet (although college was pretty tight), a safe place to live, etc. I know that being a Christian doesn't necessarily mean that everything will go well for me. I mean, look at Job in the Bible. Still, God has chosen to bless me beyond measure! Too often I forget to thank him for that.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my lucky seven, and PLEASE pass this along to your friends! I'd love to have a good turn out for my first linky party!


  1. Hi Melissa! What an AWESOME linky idea - there is so much in life to be thankful for. It's great reminder to remember all that God has blessed us with.

    I'm off to record my 7 :)

    Joy in the Journey

  2. Great idea. I love the picture of your little group!

  3. Love this idea! I just posted to my blog. It's easy to forget the things we have to be thankful for on the stressful and busy days of teaching. Thanks so much for doing this!

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  4. Love this idea! Just joined in the fun!