Saturday, March 23, 2013

Giveaways galore

Thank God it's Saturday! This week seemed to last forever, and we still have one more week to go before Spring Break. I've heard that some people get two weeks for break. How does this work? Are you year-round school, or do you just work in an amazing district? I'm very jealous!

When we come back for break, it's time for benchmarks. We'll also only have 5-6 weeks left before the SOLs (EEK!). I need to hit the ground running with test prep for my kiddos!

I had to blog about this and let you know about this AMAZING giveaway! If you're like me and have become obsessed with buying clipart, you HAVE to check this out. Pretty much all the big name clipart people are giving things away here. I've entered every way possible and would be floored if I got lucky enough to win!

Then head over to Lisa's blog for her giveaway (tons of TPT gift cards and other stuff) that could buy some of the clipart you want if you don't happen to win Tori's. Or if you're SUPER lucky, you could share it with me just buy a TON of extra stuff!

Tracey just hit 300 followers today, and who doesn't love gift cards?

Brittany is celebrating 200 followers, and there are some fantastic prizes, including more free clipart!

And finally, a 100 follower giveaway with a $25 gift card. Go check out Literacy Spark!

Oh, make sure you check out yesterday's post to see my lie and new Spring literacy centers I posted yesterday. They're adorable. Plus there's only one week left for my Lucky 7 linky party. If you haven't already linked up, go do it! It's a great way to reflect on what you're blessed to have.

I've been cleaning all morning (trying to have things ready for us to go out of town next weekend), and now I'm just waiting for little man to wake up from his nap so we can do something!

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