Friday, February 8, 2013

Long week, testing, and a giveaway

Does anybody else feel like this week is just dragging on? I feel like maybe it's because we've been doing 2nd nine week benchmark tests, but I have been off all week. Today is my last day of testing kids (or maybe one more because I had one absent), and I'm SO tired. Although I'm glad I went ahead and did this now before SOL time rolls around. I know exactly which kids of mine need help with test-taking. I think I almost made a boy cry today when I fussed at him for not using ANY of the strategies I and his classroom teacher have been teaching him. He got a 39, and he's one of my higher readers that I'm looking at possibly releasing later this year. Oh well, I think he needed to hear it. I made sure to tell him I was so upset because I knew he was smart and COULD do it if he tried. It just frustrates me to see them just click and go. 

Speaking of, what kind of strategies do you teach your kids for test-taking? We do a lot of highlighting important information in the passages. I have them go back and find the answer, then they are supposed to highlight it to prove it. Some teachers at my school have students stop and jot for every paragraph. I know I would've HATED that as a kid, so I don't make them, but I know it really works for some kids. I'm actually still sitting with one of my 3rd graders right now because he's stopping and jotting for everything (Rebecca, if you're reading this, he's working hard!). We also teach them to "plug it in" for questions using context clues, etc, and we have them "slash the trash". Those are our major strategies. Any other tips?

Alright, some giveaway news:
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  1. I've never heard of "slash the trash," but I love that idea! We use the ANSWER method as our test taking strategy for open response questions (grades 3-5). I might blog about it this month! :)

  2. We do a lot of going back into the text and underlining our answers as well. I also like to talk about different strategies for when we get stuck, like process of elimination. Those tricky written response questions require a lot of strategies too!

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