Saturday, February 2, 2013

Currently February

I can't believe I've been doing these for over a year! Farley is so awesome to put this on at the beginning of each month, and it has gotten HUGE! I looked and I'm the 169th link-up! Geez! 

Listening: We had a birthday party this morning (one of Keagan's little buddies turned one), so Keagan's sleep schedule is a little off. I put him down for a nap when we got home at 12:30, but he only slept for an hour. So I put on Jonah, and it kept his attention for a little while. It makes me smile that he loves Veggietales. They're so cute!

Loving: I can't believe that I've already passed the $500 mark since opening my store last May! I finally took the plunge and upgraded to a premium seller. This month has already proven that was a great idea!

Thinking: I had been wanting mint color jeans since the summer, but I was waiting until I lost some more weight. Now that I'm 2-3 pounds away from my goal, I'm starting to buy more clothes. I went shopping Thursday and bought some mint jeans, black leggings, and a sweater. Surprisingly, the only thing I'm keeping are the leggings. I'm in love with them, and I never thought I'd do that!

Wanting: Have you heard of these It Works wraps? I have a lot of loose skin around my belly, and a lot of people have lost quite a few inches from using them (with proper eating and exercise habits in place). I've been doing a lot of healthier eating and using my Zumba dvd more frequently. I think I may try it, but I have to be ready to spend $60 for it. Has anyone else tried it?

Needing: This week was not a good week for me exercise-wise. I decided sleep was more important. Then my actual Zumba class I go to on Wednesday had to be cancelled because storms were coming.

Pet Peeves: I believe I've talked about these before, but I HATE both of these things! I see too many kids (and parents or other adults) who feel like they deserve things they haven't done a thing for. It drives me CRAZY!! And, like Farley, I would rather my kids tell me the truth no matter how bad it is than lie to me. I can't stand not being able to trust them. I tell them that every year. That once I find out they've lied to me, I won't trust them anymore, and that kills me.

Okay, Keagan needs my attention. I think he's cutting more teeth!


  1. WOW look at you $500 on TpT...I sold $0.60 so far...but really only have 2 things on there...LOL...once I sort the CCSS out and need to create things for it, I will then go banans and 'catch up' to all you overacheivers making a profit! Congrats!

    MInt jeans? I'm just not going to say anything, but ....I grew up in the 80' jeans are so 80's!

    I need to start Zumba too, I walk 3 miles every morning before school, but feel I need something more too!
    Nice catching up on CURRENTLY..see you around!

  2. Hi Melissa!! Congrats on your TPT milestone!! We just took the plunge and upgraded our status too. It's already paid for itself. We should have done that ages ago! Who knew?? Entitlement drives me crazy! Have a fabulous Saturday!!
    Sister Teachers

  3. Wow! $500 is amazing! I haven't created anything on my TPT account. I have no idea where to start with all the copyright laws. Maybe you can give me a few pointers?

    I love Zumba. I used to do it twice a week last year, but have sadly fallen out of the routine this school year.

    I absolutely love your blog title. I am a HUGE Mo Willems fan!

    The Frizz

    The Frizz in First Grade

  4. You will definitely love that you upgraded to the premium level! It is so worth it! I am your newest follower, and I also agree that entitlement is for the birds. Some of my students just want me to "give" them a grade...which I refuse to do. They receive exactly what they earn.

  5. Hope you have a great selling weekend over at TpT!!! Congrats on reaching $500!! That's awesome!! I'm your newest follower!!

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    ”Dots” of Fun!
    1...2...3...Teach With Me

  6. Congrats on your success at TpT- you definitely deserve it! :-) I love how the 80's clothes are coming back in style. If only I had kept mine! And, I am a huge Veggie Tales fan. :-) Lauren Teacher Mom of 3

  7. I found your blog from Farley's Currently. I was drawn in by your title!! I just love it. I am a super early-to-bed kind of girl. My 15 year old daughters (twins) laugh at me when I say goodnight at 9 o'clock!! Oh, and I am now your newest follower!!

    My Journey to 5th Grade

  8. LOL I found your blog through currently and clicked because of your name. I always stay Up WAY too late, and kick myself all day the next.

    SO I'm very curious about the upgraded level.... I have 28 items up but have only made 7 dollars profit. Trying to figure out if it would be worth it to upgrade.

    But COngrats on your milestone that IS awesome.

    I am your newest follower.

    Primarily Au-some

  9. I really like your blog name. I found you through Farley. Congrats on your TpT success! Glad to have found you! Also I agree with your pet peeves. It also bothers me to no end.

    Apples and Papers

  10. I found you through Farley's linky as well:) That is sooo awesome that you've had such great success with you TpT account! I was not a big fan of the colored skinny jeans when they came "back" out, but I am starting to fall in love with the mint colored jeans! I'll have to check Target out! Love that place!

    We are ALL Special!