Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hall Pass Linky

Wow, it's been a few weeks since I've done a linky party (so proud of myself for actually coming up with topics on my own), but I've been seeing this one float around and had to jump in! Reagan from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits is hosting, and if you haven't seen her blog, where have you been? Seriously, though, go check it out! She's one of the bigwigs in blogging world!

It's not actually about Hall Passes, but more of a share about some of your favorites using the acronym "PASS".
Product - I feel like my favorite product is always my latest one, and now is no different. I love all of my literacy centers, but St. Patty's Day is especially fun to me (maybe because I have red hair, maybe because I lived in choose). I have mentioned them a few times lately, but they really are awesome! If you teach upper grades, these are made to work on some of the main comprehension skills. I love that I can just pull them out next year as I get to each season. I'm working to have one set for each month, so get ready for some spring centers to pop up before too long!

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Area - My favorite part of my classroom is at the adorable little rug that I bought over the summer with my own money, which is really big for me. I just don't spend as much money as the normal teacher because I'm poor and try to prioritize EVERYTHING for my classroom. I have moved the rug since taking this picture at the beginning of the school year, but it's still a favorite place for students to read or to take naps during a break on those days.

Signal - I have bought a bell and a timer over the past few years with all the intentions of using them. But honestly, I just told my kids it was time to change things up. Nothing special really. If I needed them to calm down, I might clap or say give me 5 or hold my hand in the air and wait. I guess I could say I use brain breaks as my signal now because I do those with some of my groups before they go back to class.

Oh, one of my favorite signals that I REALLY want to use but haven't yet is:

Teacher: Stop.
Students: Collaborate and listen!

I know I would die laughing every time though and not get much accomplished, but it would be so much fun!

Sanity - Well, I gave up cokes and most sweets to help me lose the rest of my baby weight (did I mention that I'm now only 1 pound from my goal?), so I guess it's really other teachers. I'm a big-time extrovert in the sense that I have to have people around (not necessarily the one always in the center or talking). When I can't have adult interactions, I start getting a little crazed. Then I start checking teacher blogs or Pinterest for new ideas. But seriously, my co-workers are some pretty cool people, and that usually is just enough for me. Even if I just sit in the office and talk to the secretaries. You can learn A LOT in there and get quite a few good laughs!

Go link up with some of your favorites! I'm going to work on finishing my newest literature pack.


  1. The name of your blog is too darn cute! Love it! I love the "collaborate and listen" signal. I have to try it with my class. I think it is more for my pure entertainment if nothing else! So glad I found your blog through the Hall Pass linky. I am your newest follower.
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  2. That light bulb rug is begging to be in my classroom. I am dying over it. Thank you so much for linking up!!!

  3. Congratulations on being so close to reaching your goal...I know you can do it!! I give you such credit for accomplishing that. Love what you have to share -- I'm your newest follower!

    Confessions of a Teachanista

  4. Oh man. . . I want to sooooo use the "collaborate and listen" in my class but I think I would laugh too hard every time too.
    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  5. I absolutely loooove the "Stop- Collaborate and Listen" signal idea. So cute and fun... I'll definitely be trying that someday soon! Thanks for the brilliant idea :)

  6. Love your rug! Congrats on reaching your goal... I know that feels like a great accomplishment! Glad I found you through the linky!
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  7. Congrats on your weight loss! That must feel amazing! I love that light bulb rug! Do you mind sharing where you found it? I'm in the market for a new rug. :) Lattes and Laughter

  8. Hi!! Love your blog :) I'm your newest follower!!