Monday, September 10, 2012

Reading levels and funny kindergarteners

Word lists are complete! Well, I have to get a few kids who were absent, but that's it. Today I actually started giving a few running records to the kids who scared me the most (4th grader on an H and two 5th graders on L). The fourth grader was still at frustrational level there. People, that's end of 1st grade! How did she get this far with being retained or labeled?! I'm really concerned...

Oh, and did I mention she's not the worst case I found? The others are at least labeled special ed, though. This girl has NOTHING but Title I.

Okay, before I explode, let me share my funny story. Since I don't have a home base, I've been doing bus arrival and dismissal. After teaching 4th grade so long, I forgot how little kindergarteners know, especially at the beginning of the year. We have to do a TON of herding!

Well, my classroom is also tucked away beside kindergarten and 1st grade. Today I was making copies and heard a line of little ones behind me acting crazy, hitting each other with lunchboxes, yelling, etc. My first thought was, "Where is their teacher?", but I assumed they were following up the end of the line. The kids went on in the room, no teacher. Then a few seconds later, one kindergarten teacher comes flying around the corner like a tornado! Apparently the kids lined themselves up and walked back to class ENTIRELY on their own with nobody stopping them. When said teacher arrived ON TIME to pick them up, her table was empty! Needless to say, they got in a lot of trouble and had to march back to the cafeteria to practice waiting on their teacher.

It's funny because it wasn't me. Although I would have laughed. Eventually. After I finished having my heart attack.

I'm so glad I don't teach kindergarten. I thank God every day that so many of you love it! I'll take them after they've been house broken.

Reminds me of Recess: School's Out where they refer to the kindergarteners as the "savages". Does anybody else remember that? It's my favorite description for them. If I ever taught kindergarten (and I don't plan on it any time soon), I would totally do a jungle theme for it (and I'd call them my savages if it wouldn't be frowned upon)!


  1. What a great experience to get to teach as a reading specialist! I would love to teach reading all day - the kids make so obvious progress that it is such a joy!
    I had to laugh about the children and the lunch line, I too would have had a heart attack!
    My class' favourite book is "Don't let the Pigeon Stay up late" So I am never going to forget your blog! I am your newest follower!


  2. Your story about the Kindergarteners made me laugh out loud! I taught K for one year (yes, just one) and lost a kid on the first day when she decided to just wander down the 5th grade hall to see what it was all about, as we were passing by it. Talk about a heart attack. I'll stick with my first graders, for sure!! Love your blog & am your newest follower. Stop by and visit sometime :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. I have a second interview for a Reading Specialist position next week!

    I have only ever taught 4th Grade ELA for one year, and Kindergarten for 3 years...any suggestions on how to make myself stand out and shine?

    Your blog is wonderful!