Monday, September 3, 2012

I have a new blog!

Welcome friends and new followers (potentially)!

I've been blogging over at The Dalton Gang for a little over a year now, but I decided it was time to separate my personal blog from all of my teacher-y things. I want this blog to be a resource for teaching reading as I begin my new position as reading specialist for grades 3-5. If you would like to learn about what's going on in my life (and see cute pics of my adorable little boy), I will still be updating my original blog and welcome you to follow it as well!

I got the name "Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late" because I am a little obsessed with Mo Willems and all of his amazing books, especially the pigeon. And, like many other teacher bloggers, I tend to sometimes stay up a little later than I should and then wake up feeling grumpy the next morning. I am NOT a morning person, but when you teach 30 minutes away from home, you HAVE to wake up early during the school years. Plus, with an 8 month old, I'm up earlier even during summer and weekends.

I digress. If you have any questions or topics you have questions about (mostly related to reading, please, although I'm willing to take a shot at other things), let me know! I want this blog to help us all become better teachers of reading!

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  1. Love the new blog! I know all about keeping things separate, I have a family blog and a teacher blog. Don't get stressed when you blog for one more than the other, it happens. Have a great day off!