Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer Reads #7: Maniac Magee

Can anyone else believe it's August already? I know for some of you that means you are starting school already. Here in my part Virginia, we have most of this month before teacher work week begins, but I will be heading back to my classroom to get it set up soon. I will continue with these book talks at least through the month, and then I may go to every few weeks unless I can keep up with material. So time to stop gabbing and get on with this week's review!

Okay, I realize I am about 25 years behind on reading this book, but I added it to my small group collection after seeing a good deal on Scholastic in the fall, and I am SO glad I did!

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For anyone else who just never got around to reading this book, it's about a boy (Jeffrey) who lives with his aunt and uncle who hate each other until he can't stand it anymore and runs to Two Mills, a racially divided town. It doesn't even take a day for Jeffrey to become a legend and earn the name Maniac as he tears through town leaving everyone in his path confused and awe-struck. Maniac, a white boy, bounces from the East End to the West End, never completely fitting in on either side, but he ends up changing lives wherever he goes.

I just loved this book, and so did my students! At first, one of the kids complained that most of my book club books were old, but I think this book helped him realize that that was okay. A good story will NEVER go out of style.

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