Thursday, August 24, 2017

Summer Reads #10: Space Case

I promised a fun one this week, so here it is! When I started teaching 5th grade last year, I noticed my boys were passing around Stuart Gibbs books as fast as they could read them. It started with Spy School (which is still on my list) and then moved on to the Moon Base Alpha series (which is what Space Case belongs to), and then there is also the FunJungle series that I haven't read yet.

Then this book appeared on the middle school Virginia Reader's Choice list, so I decided to get it in this summer. It isn't what I would typically pick up, but I can see why my boys liked it so much!

Click on the book to purchase from my Amazon affiliate link.

Dash is a 12-year-old living on the moon, which sounds cool, but really it's super boring. He used to live in Hawaii and could go surfing and hang out with his friends. On the moon, there are very few kids and almost nowhere to go inside the base. He hasn't stepped foot outside since he arrived on the moon, and he's going stir crazy.

Until one of the scientists dies when his helmet isn't properly secured on the moon's surface. Everyone says it was a terrible accident, but Dash isn't convinced. He overheard Dr. Holtz excitedly talking about a new secret that he was going to reveal the next morning, and it doesn't seem like a coincidence to him. Dash is determined to solve this murder-mystery even if it means danger for himself!

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