Monday, April 13, 2015

Reptile World

Just before break, we had my favorite assembly ever! Now don't get me wrong, snakes make me nervous usually, but Reptile Man has been coming to my school every other year since before I was even born. That means this is the fifth time that I've seen him, and I still can't get enough of it!

He has this rare ability to hypnotize a room full of children without ever changing his tone. Actually, I think he's very similar to a reptile himself - monotone, but fascinating. And to make it even better, you would almost swear his partner was mute. He just nods and calmy holds all of these crazy animals most people wouldn't dare touch. Like that huge alligator snapping turtle above.

Or this beautiful 4 year old American Alligator

Or, you know, a crocodile...No biggie...

I tried to catch a few videos for an example. The kids all go crazy when he first brings out a new animal, but you will notice that he never raises his voice, and eventually they calm down. This one took a little longer because Alexander was acting unusual. Pretty funny, though! Also note Reptile Man's dry sense of humor. I love it!

Reptile world
Posted by Melissa Rogers Dalton on Sunday, April 12, 2015

But one of my favorite parts is at the end (AFTER he brings out a few venomous snakes and I conveniently disappear for a few minutes) when he brings out this HUGE Albino Burmese Python. The snake has obviously been around people forever because it is the most docile snake ever. I really want to be one of the ones to help pick it up, but I had a feeling they wouldn't let me this year. Something about being pregnant?

Anyway, they lay the snake out on a table and let the entire school walk by and touch it if they want. Of course, I had to get a quick picture! (And yes, the head is all the way at the other end. I just noticed after 5 years that the guy actually stands right by the head, probably to keep the kids from getting too close to it.)

What kind of assemblies do you have at your school? Any favorites?

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