Thursday, April 2, 2015

Currently April!

I felt like March would never end but it's finally April, which also means there are currently TWO months before I meet this adorable little boy and can finally see my feet again! I'm excited to link up with Farley (as always) to share a little about what's been going on around here.

Listening: It feels great outside, but I feel like it always takes a few weeks for them to adjust the temperatures in the building after the weather changes. Our little fan has been running a LOT in our room lately. And, no, I actually don't think it has to do with the fact that I'm 7 months preggo...

Loving: Today is our Reptile World assembly, and I'm SO excited!! This guy has been coming to our school every other year for a really long time (like over 30 years), and it honestly is my favorite assembly ever. You just have to experience him! I'm going to try and take pictures/get a video to share. I'm not a snake person by any means, but he's just so fascinating!

Thinking: It's a good thing Reptile Man is here today because I'm so ready to be on break. Tomorrow is our last day, and I can't wait.

Wanting: My belly has really popped in the past few weeks (I'm now in the third trimester - 30 weeks), and I feel like I have a bowling ball on my stomach. It's hard to get up, and I feel more exhausted standing. BUT I'm still keeping up with the gym and haven't started swelling yet! Fingers crossed I can make it all the way to the end without any of it!

Needing: I'm always beyond ready for break when it gets here, but even more so now that I'm so pregnant. I sleep okay once I fall asleep, but that can take a while to get comfortable. I just want time to relax and sleep in a little.

EGGS-plain your name: I actually was talking to Carla (Comprehension Connection) recently and realized I haven't done that in a while (or maybe ever). Guess I just assumed I had or that people knew. It's a well known fact at my school that I have a slight Mo Willems/pigeon obsession. This goes way back to college when I first discovered Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. Even teaching the upper grades, I found ways to incorporate his books. Now that I have a son, we've gone a little overboard on reading his books. To the point that one of my 3 year old's favorite phrases right now is "Okay, fine! If it means SOOOO much to you..." from The Pigeon Needs a Bath, which I highly recommend along with all of Mo's other books.

Anyway, when I was looking for a teacher-y title that fit my personality, I knew it had to relate to Mo (yes, I imagine we're on a first name basis) somehow. I decided on my title based off the book, Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late. My BFF in real life - college roomie and all that amazing joined-at-the-hip-for-a-while stuff - has an adorable little kindergarten blog, Teacher at the Wheel, also a nod to our beloved author. Go check her out, too!

Okay, now to survive until tomorrow at 2. Then I get to leave early for a doctor's appointment!


  1. It's so ironic that two blogs ahead of me in this month's Currently are also both teachers who are expecting babies! Your blog is really cute, and you're in the same general neck of the woods as me--I live and teach in DC. I LOVE the title of your blog, and I love the Mo Willems Pigeon books, too. This year my kinder babes are super into the Elephant and Piggie books. Enjoy the last 2 months; I hope everything goes well for you! =)

    1. How funny! I just commented almost the same thing on your blog!

  2. Congrats on becoming a mommy again! I think there are TONS of teachers who love Mo Willems! I know my class can't get enough of his books :) Hope you get some rest these next few months. You will need it! 2 babies is a BIG adjustment. Now,my babies are teenagers and that age seems like it was forever ago! Enjoy each and every moment with your kiddos :)

    1. I can't even imagine how crazy my life will be in 2 months! Enjoy the rest of your school year!

  3. I vowed to have my second pregnancy be a winter pregnancy after experiencing a 90 degree third trimester! Stay hydrated, girl! Post pics of your reptile assembly - I'm intrigued!

    1. Haha! My first pregnancy was December, which was nice for weather. I don't have the sick leave for that this time, though, so my timing was pretty perfect! Plus I won't be huge for the worst of it. :-)

  4. I just bought my first Mo Willems book last week (The Duckling Gets a Cookie) and my 5 year old loved it! Now, I'm on a mission to get the other books too! I remember being largely pregnant and uncomfortable all too well (my baby is 15 months old now!) Life changes so much when you have 2:-) Enjoy your Spring Break!
    Technology Timeout

  5. I guess I didn't realize where your name came from until now. It makes perfect sense! I've always thought that your blog name was creative! I hope that you'll enjoy the upcoming break! I LOVE March, but this March dragged on and on and on. I don't know if it was the snow day February or what, but I'm thrilled that April has arrived! Wishing you lots of rest!


  6. Congratulations on your new little one. I think March is always difficult to teach.
    I'm so glad it's April.
    Artistry of Education

  7. My class and I love Mo Willems! Every time I read one of his books, the kids cheer and clap! Both of my kids were summer babies...very uncomfortable! Hope you get some rest and enjoy your Spring Break!

    WILD About First Grade!

  8. Ooo congratulations! I remember writing my March currently so excited because I would meet our baby and now my baby boy is here I am so excited! Only two months to go for you - yay! Keep up with the gym though - my husband cancelled one of my Personal Training appointments while we were in the delivery room! Good luck!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  9. I LOVE your blog's name! Very original :)
    Congrats on having a nice growing belly. Sending you non swelling thoughts. You're almost there.
    My Second Sense