Friday, October 3, 2014

Five for Friday: It's October 3


First, can I just say that it's October 3?

Oh, I love that movie! It's crazy to think it's 10 years old, though. If you're female and haven't seen it, you should. It really captures the essence of girls perfectly and has some great life lessons!

But moving on, it's also Friday! I've been busy this week, but in a good way. I'm really living up this fall thing, and I think I'm also just thrilled to be out of the month of September finally.

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This week, my fourth graders were working on main idea. I decided it was time to pull out ReadWorks for some practice. I love that you can search by skill and/or grade level to find something related to your current study (these only have about 5 questions), OR you can select multiple skills for 10 questions. It's great for a little test prep! I actually ended up doing some of this with all three of my grade levels.

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On Tuesday, I went to my second Pinterest party and am VERY proud of my first painted pumpkin! Unfortunately, on the way home, it rolled around and scratched off some of the paint. I haven't had time to do the touch-ups yet, but it still looks pretty good sitting on our porch! Plus Steven didn't hate it and complain that it was too girly. I need to pull out my fall wreath this weekend to match it.

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You may have seen me post about my husband and son's obsession with Ghostbusters. Well, Krispy Kreme has 30th anniversary doughnuts all month, so we had to make a trip out there on Wednesday to get some. 

This little boy cracks me up because he came out of the bathroom and told me, "Mommy, I got slimed like Peter Venkman!" Oh dear, I definitely need another girl in the house with me...

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Fifth grade has been learning about types of conflict, so I read them one of my big finds from last year, Sam, Bangs, and Moonshine.

I love finding books they've never heard of, and I actually just ordered a copy of this one for myself. The girl tells these crazy lies, and it ends up causing more trouble than she can handle. It actually covers all four types of conflict also (nature, society, man, self), so you can have students identify each type within the story. The students always enjoy it.

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The fair is in town, and we managed to get tickets from Steven's sister that were only good for Monday-Thursday. We had a lot of fun looking at the animals, eating fried oreos and funnel cake, and walking around. We're not quite ready for rides yet, but they have these cute photo-ops set up. Last year, Keagan and I took our picture "on the roller coaster", so we had to do it again! It's a little grainy because my camera phone isn't great with night pictures, but I still love it.

And I can't get over how much he's grown since last year!

This weekend, we have plans to make more fall memories by going apple picking. Yum...I want some apple donuts!


  1. Mean Girls is such a great movie!! I love the idea of a Pinterest Party. I've heard of the idea, but have never hosted one or attended one. Painting pumpkins is a perfect idea! Your pumpkin turned out really cute!


  2. Your pumpkin turned out awesome! Mean Girls is a great rainy day movie! :)

  3. Thanks for the book recommendation! I went to Amazon and added it to my cart. I like your painted pumpkin. I was thinking about trying the idea where you drill designs in the pumpkin and then illuminate it.
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