Thursday, October 2, 2014

Currently October with a TREAT!

It's finally October! I feel like the summer months flew by, but September sure made up for it. I know most of that has to do with beginning a new year, but my goodness it seems like it dragged on forever. Do you agree?

Listening: I have FIFTY-TWO kids that I am working with in grades 3-5 this year, so my schedule is jam-packed. When I finally reach break at 2, I'm exhausted. Not to mention today is Thursday. Not Friday.

Loving: The State Fair is in town through Sunday, so we're heading out tonight. I hope the rain actually holds off. Apparently there is a 1,200+ lb pumpkin, and I need a picture with a pumpkin larger than my head for Amanda's Halloween Hunt on Instagram!

Thinking: Yeah...I may start them before I pull kids again. Or maybe not.

Wanting: I love Reese's, but the pumpkins are my favorites. The break between their eggs and pumpkins should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Really, they can come up for something to fill in the gap during the summer. Beach balls? Swimming trunks? Heck, I'll design it for them even. Maybe they'd give me a lifetime supply?

Needing: I cut them out and then start again. It's a vicious cycle. Right now I'm back to drinking one every time I get a chance. It needs to stop.

My treat: Through tonight and tomorrow, I'm putting my Halloween-themed resources on sale for HALF price!

Halloween Literacy Centers - Comprehension and Word Knowledge

Bats Research Unit

The Case of the Candy Snatcher - an activity for drawing c

Halloween Pumpkin Writing Craftivity

I hope you enjoy them! These are some of my favorite products of the year :-)


  1. Ooh love your Bat product - so cute!

  2. The State Fair sounds fun! I need to get started on the halloween hunt soon!
    Growing Little Learners

  3. Yes to Reese's pumpkins. YUM!!!! Such a good thought with a summer version. I'm surprised they haven't gotten on that. It seems like Peeps is making something for every holiday/season so why not Reese's? The pumpkins and eggs just have so much more peanut butter goodness than their normal candies. Okay now I'm salivating and need to take a trip to the store. :-)

    Enjoy the state fair!

    Sara J Creations

    1. I know, right? They have them for all of the rest of the year (pumpkin, Christmas tree, heart, egg), but that lull between Easter and September is unbearable. Fix this, please, Reese's!

  4. My husband love the pumpkin Reese's the best too!! Hope the weather hold off, so you can have some fun at the fair tonight. Can't wait to see a picture of this enormous pumpkin!!
    Tickled Pink in Primary

    1. My hubby calls my love for sweets my "inner fat girl". It's bad. I think the rain is supposed to hold off until tomorrow night, so I will be posting pics!

  5. We are having a fair tonight as well. I am also a fall kinda girl because I enjoyed everything with fall such as the pumpkins. Cannot wait to see a pumpkin tonight.

    Jasmine H.

    1. How fun! Enjoy your night at the fair, and you should DEFINITELY check out this Halloween Hunt because it's fall on overdrive!

  6. The sound of silence is very rare for a teacher! Good luck with all your kiddoes!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  7. I started drinking Pepsi again a few weeks ago. i totally shouldn't have! Ah well. Reese's Pumpkins instead, then?
    The Meek Moose

  8. WOW! 52 kiddos?! That just made my head spin. :) Hope you enjoyed your glimpse of silence. :) I cherish those moments.