Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Winners and Wordless Wednesday

Hi everyone! I promise I didn't forget about all of those fantastic giveaways. Since they all ended on different days, I let rafflecopter choose them as they ended and emailed all the winners. Still, here is my final list of lucky ladies!

  • Day 1 Pack - Kelly W.
  • Pencil Sharpener - Eilidh H.
  • Day 2 Pack - Claire H.
  • FarFaria App - Caitlyn B. and Heather S.
  • Day 3 Pack - Heather S. (different one)
  • Teacher Tee - Debbie R.
  • Mega Mystery Pack - Nancy F.
  • Teacher Stationary - Terri S.
  • Target Gift Card - Breanne S.
Congrats, ladies! I think I have heard back from all of you already saying that you were getting everything, but please let me know if I missed you somehow.

I'm keeping it simple for the rest and just giving a picture I posted on Instagram yesterday for Transformation Tuesday. This is our school library.

Look at the tops of the shelves. Yes, those are real taxidermied animals, and they are only two of probably 20 that were all around the library. This year, they are gone!

Does your school have anything weird like that?


  1. We have weird taxidermied animals too! One is an armadillo....????
    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Why are they gone? We have a sign that was put up after the football coach passed a few years ago. It asks what he would do. I think it is a little odd...especially for his kids.
    Kovescence of the Mind