Thursday, October 24, 2013

Teacher Fitness Thursday: Motivation

Today is the second month of Teacher Fitness Thursday, and I want to talk about motivation. Who or what motivates you?

Love this picture I have on my Pinterest

I know this has been an issue for me recently. I have actually gotten down to a number that I like, but there's still a lot of "muffin top" that makes most of my pants unflattering on me. I'm not exactly happy with my shape because I can't actually buy bigger pants since my legs (and butt) are back to being skinny. It's not proportionate, and it eats at me.

When I started my weight-loss journey about 2 months after having Keagan, my sole motivation was getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. It helped for a while, and I was slowly able to wear most of the tops and dresses again. I had mini celebrations when these items fit and when I could actually button pants from before (with my overhang, but still). I've been able to do that for a while, though, and I've struggled to find new motivation. I think that's why I've hit a lot of rocks where I just give up and stop working out for a season (like right now). My motivations aren't deep enough.

What I need to focus on are positive people who are becoming stronger and healthier even if their body types aren't perfect. I know I'm too hard on myself, but the truth is that I shouldn't just give up on workouts just because I'm not seeing the body image that I had before. Honestly, that was more of a teenager body anyway, and I don't need that! I should embrace my curves while trying to tone and define them a little more.

Some positive people I like to follow:

Mama Laughlin: This girl has had two kids and lost a whole heck of a lot of weight! She's very honest on her blog and shares the good and the bad. Right now, she's pushing herself even more and actually training for a bikini competition just to prove that she can. Do I have ANY desire to do that? No. But props to her for the confidence she has found and is spreading to others through her blog.

The Biggest Loser in general: I just really love this show! It's more than just a competition. It's a life-changing event, and I have so much respect for the coaches, "contestants", and everyone else involved with the show. They do so much good, and I have cried multiple times watching it. My FAVORITE contestant from the show is definitely Danni, the winner from last season. She just has such a positive attitude and really works hard to stay healthy.

Before, During, and After Blog: Bethany is actually a personal friend of mine from elementary school. She had a baby near the end of the school year (taught high school math in DC before deciding to stay home this year), but she continued with CrossFit through the ENTIRE pregnancy! Seriously. This is a picture of her at 8.5 months. All I wanted to do when I was pregnant was sit on the couch and eat whatever I wanted. Now she also shares about how she handles being a new mom and the real struggles with losing weight after baby.
Pull apart rings

I'd love to see what inspires you to get up and get active! Maybe we can help each other come up with more ideas. I know I could use a few more ways to help me actually get out of bed and pull out my workout DVDs. 

Confession: I didn't end up working out yesterday. My excuse? They are painting the inside of our house, and we don't have any of our blinds up. Who would have actually seen me working out at 5 am? Nobody probably. Maybe the garbage men? But now I can't do my workout in the living room (where our only TV is) because we have furniture in the middle from the kitchen. Guess I need to find other ways to be active at least until our downstairs is finished. Shopping trip tonight? Maybe!

Oh, and don't forget that tomorrow is the big day for our Super Sleuth Blog Hop. You won't want to miss it!


  1. Great post! I like to sign up for races to motivate me. I am training for a half marathon, so I know I have to stay on track with my training. Working out with a buddy also really helps me!

    Eclectic Educating

  2. I love that picture from Pinterest. That really captures how I feel after having two kids! Thanks for hosting this fitness link-up. I gathered great I just need to put them into action :)
    Kate's Classroom Cafe
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    1. Oh...and I've added you to my bloglovin' list so that I can come back and visit again soon!

  3. Woohoo! Thanks for the mention! I'm right up there with Biggest Loser and Mama Laughlin! :)

    I think the bikini competition is awesome/hilarious. Good for her, but there is no way I'd want to be in a bikini, maybe ever again!

  4. Thanks for hosting this linky each month! It is great to be able to learn from others how they achieve fitness goals! And, you will fit into those clothes again! Just remember that our bodies change after having babies, and some body parts are never the same! Good luck! Stay motivated!!!
    Reading Toward the Stars