Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Very quick post to let all of you last-minute planners (like me) know that my entire store is 20% off today! Go grab yourself a quick treat and have a Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I'm having a flash 20% off flash sale in my TpT store today! Snatch up some treats!

And if you've already spent WAY too much money on candy, costumes, and other fun, I have a great freebie for working on main idea. Plus it's mostly fall themed, so you could even use it tomorrow or next week instead. Sorry, no picture. Apparently when I made this, I just threw it together quickly and was done.

I just learned this morning that I get to help carve pumpkins in 3rd grade. Eek! I'm a little scared of using knives, but maybe I can get some fun pictures!

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