Monday, September 2, 2013

Currently September: Turning a New Leaf

September is officially here, which means SO many things. School starts, fall is on it's way, and Farley's newest currently is up! I'm going to jump right in because it's Labor Day and we're going to a cookout in a little while.

Listening: Last year, we decided to cancel DISH, so now we have a grand total of 14 "channels" - 2 or 3 for each of the six local stations (CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, FOX, and CW). Sometimes I'm glad we got rid of it because cable is so expensive and it's not a need, but when the channels keep cutting out, or when I'm home during the day and nothing's on, I miss it. Not a big fan of The Big Valley, but sometimes I luck out and get some fun older shows, like Batman or The Brady Bunch. I've even caught a few episodes of Dennis the Menace!

Loving: My room still isn't 100% finished because I bought a few more items yesterday, but I feel like it looks so much bigger and cleaner. Even Steven commented on how nice it looks this year!

Thinking: Now that I'm not a classroom teacher, the first day of school is actually a nice time. I don't feel like I'm running a marathon and honestly don't have many assignments. I will be going around to test new students and start working in some of the classrooms I will push in to this year, but nothing big yet.

Wanting: I actually reached my weight goal at the very end of the school year (even bought a bikini and felt comfortable in it when we went to Puerto Rico), but I gained about 6 pounds over the summer and am struggling to lose them. It doesn't help that Steven doesn't need to lose any more weight and can't diet with me, but I'm trying.

Needing: We're past the "want" phase. My phone is BARELY hanging on now. We're still on a very tight budget until Steven gets his first full time paycheck September 15, then we're going phone shopping! I kind of still want the iPhone, but we don't want to upgrade our plan and have to pay more, and I don't have $500 out of pocket to spend on a phone. Thinking about trying to get a Samsung Galaxy if I can find it for the right price. Honestly, anything will be better than what I have, though...

Personal Goals: 
  1. I've been kind of in a slump in my faith for a little while. I mean, I still was active in church and everything, but my personal relationship with God was struggling. This past week, I dusted off my bible and a devotional book (Unglued), and I'm spending my morning breakfast time reading and praying instead of watching the news.
  2. As I said earlier, I need to cut back a few pounds, and I've been doing Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred. It's hard, but I like that it's not as long or crazy as Insanity that I did at the end of the year. Still, I feel like I can get results from it. I trust Jillian!
  3. Last year, I spent too much time trying to fit in and be a part of something I'm not. When this school year started, I decided it wasn't worth the frustration. So I'm trying to surround myself with people I truly feel like I can be myself around and accept me as I am. I don't need to be everyone's best friend, and I don't have to have the top of the line everything to feel like I am part of the group. 
Go link up! I will have to read other posts later, but I haven't forgotten about you. Oh, and be sure to check back tomorrow (or at midnight) for something you won't want to miss!


  1. Good luck on your first day tomorrow! We start tomorrow as well, but have a day of meetings and a day of PD before students come on Thursday.

    I know what you mean about surrounding yourself with good people...I'm so grateful to be back at a school with a fabulous team of people who support each other and where I belong :)

    Have a great day!

    Apples, Owls, and Peppermint Mochas

  2. Melissa, I hope that you have a great first day of school tommorrow!

    I haven't read Unglued but have heard great things about it. I love Lisa Terkeurst!

    One Happy Teacher

  3. Love your Currently this month. I haven't heard of Unglued, but I did read on another blogger's currently about The Awakened Devotional Guide for Educators. I will definitely check your book out too. Good luck with your fitness program. I too need to get back into shape. I've got to stop making excuses and just DO it! Have a great first day back tomorrow!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  4. Good luck with your first day! I love that easy going feeling, but mine is starting to pick up. This week I am teaching while the teachers conduct PALS assessments.

    I have done Jillian before, and she will make you feel great! Just going from room to room too will help shred those pounds!

    Check your email about the phones. I just had some thoughts!

    Enjoy your first day! I will be praying for your school year and being with the "right" people. I know how that feels!
    Reading Toward the Stars

  5. Good luck with the first day! I will be doing all the assessments right along with you! It can be nice not being in such a rush at the beginning of the year. I bet with your eating habits changing during the school year, you will be back to your weight in no time. There just isn't as much time to snack!

    Eclectic Educating

  6. Thanks for your post. You've encouraged me to be more consistent with my daily time with Him. I appreciate your transparency. Thanks!