Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Duck Dynasty Centers Complete!

Okay, I know this is technically two posts in one day, but I wanted to make sure you knew that I finally finished my Duck Dynasty themed literacy centers! I'm SO proud of them, mainly because I know that my students are going to eat these up. Since I have mostly boys in my pull-out program, this was especially important to me. Many of the kids I see love to hunt, and even those who don't seem to love the Duck Dynasty guys as much as I do (if not more). I added a mixture of facts about hunting and the show, and then I had a good friend of mine (and avid hunter) check them over to make sure all of my facts were correct since I don't hunt.

As usual, these centers include 4 comprehension-based centers and 4 word-knowledge centers. They are geared toward upper elementary and include some more difficult words than normal. For instance, in this suffix section, there are a few words this time that they will have to manipulate a little to add the correct suffix (offend - offensive), but I want my students to realize that it's not always cut and dry for them!


Today was our first day, so I'm a little tired and ready to spend some time with my little man. Don't forget to enter my pencil sharpener giveaway that went live early this morning.

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  1. I just added the centers to my wish list - they are adorable! A lot of my kiddos love DD, so I know they would be all into this!
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