Friday, September 27, 2013

A Five for Friday you DON'T want to miss!


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Word Wizard chart in portrait or landscape (I used borders from Bubbly Borders and More and fonts from Kimberly Gershwin)

I mentioned in my post on Wednesday about how I'm focusing on Robust Vocabulary this year. Long story short, I give each group three vocabulary words for the week, and then encourage them to go out and find examples of the words being used at home. They collect those examples on a very simple recording sheet here and bring it back on Friday. Then I will put a star or sticker by their name. Once students get 5, they get to choose a prize from my box!

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This may seem small, but one of my students noticed that my skittle jar was running low and decided to bring in a bag to refill it. Bonus: the green are back to LIME instead of green apple. My day was made!

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On Fridays, we have game/review day. This is one of my favorite games because the words are higher level. Unfortunately it's too high for half of my kids, but I pulled it out for my higher 4th and 5th grade students. Notice a theme here?

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Sometimes I do brain breaks before the students leave, and I recently added a few to my Pinterest board. One of my favorite new ones...

Hehe, I almost took video of my kids doing it. Hysterical! You can follow my board here. I also have "What Does the Fox Say?" which I highly recommend for a good laugh!

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To celebrate surpassing 500 followers a while back, my Halloween Literacy Pack will be free for the next hour (or until I have a chance to get home and to a computer). Go grab it and be sure to leave feedback!

The time has now passed for the flash freebie, but you can still click on the link to add it to your cart!


  1. Love the Word Wizards Idea! Have a great weekend!

  2. I am obsessed with What Does the Fox Say!! I have no good reason for it except that it cracks me up!!! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Me too! I have created a rule that videos can only be chosen once a week for my sake, though. Oh, and the gummy bear song is temporarily banned as it drives me crazy!!

  3. I love all of the Brain Breaks you have pinned!!

  4. I just started following your Brain Break board. That is such a great resource. My kiddos and I have been enjoying some brain breaks this year and they really get into it!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  5. How sweet is the skittle kiddo! I had no idea they had changed flavors - ha! Glad they "fixed" it for you! Have a fabulous weekend!

    Lucky to Be in First

  6. I love it when kids notice little things and surprise you :) Makes my day!


  7. Going to run over and follow your board but was wondering if you found the Sid Shuffle? We love it!

  8. Great idea for the Word Wizards! The kids we work with definitely need those Brain Breaks! Great use of them!

    Reading Toward the Stars