Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tried-it Tuesday: Duct-Tape Borders

I feel like it's been FOREVER since I last linked up with the amazing Holly for her Tried-it Tuesday, and honestly this link-up today was something I tried last year. I really still haven't done much in my room other than move furniture, but we officially go back on Thursday and have all day Thursday and Friday in our rooms (at least, that was my understanding and I hope it's true because I have a LOT to do).

This post is something new I tried last year for my new room, and I'm going to be trying it in a slightly different way this year. Hoping for some suggestions and feedback!

Since my room now is super small, I don't have any bulletin boards (or a way to hang one where I need it). My walls are magnetic, so I put the little magnet circles on the back of everything. Still, I like having something behind my CAFE board to make it stand out (and add a break from the boring cream walls). I first taped up paper and a regular border, but it was falling and messy. Then I decided to try duct-tape. Some of my coworkers had done it, and they have all these cute patterns now. So I did it!

CAFE headers from Ladybug's Teacher Files

I've found a few other patterns that I may use this year:

Fortis Design PT-CHEVRON Platypus Pool Chevron Designer Duct Tape, 32' Length x 2" Width
This one's pretty pricey, but I LOVE it and may just suck it up!

I can get this pattern at Walmart, which is more convenient, but it's actually only a little cheaper.

Anyway, that's not my dilemma. I wanted to use a tablecloth or fabric so it wouldn't fade and could stay up longer. Ideally, I'd like to go with a tablecloth because it's cheaper. I can get some cute colors at Walmart for under $1. The issue is that if I have to take it down over the summer, it will probably rip from the duct-tape and need replacing.

The fabric would be sturdier, but I'm not sure my magnets would be strong enough to hold from the other side of it AND it's more expensive up front.

I'm leaning toward the tablecloth, but I wanted your opinions. And what color tablecloth would you recommend (with which duct-tape). I saw a cute turquoise that I almost bought, but that may be too much with the first duct tape. Maybe yellow? Thoughts?


  1. Duct tape! I never would have thought about that! I would try a medium weight plastic tablecloth. They don't fade and are already squared. I have had a pink one up in my room for three years - hard to reach place. I agree with you about the fabric, your magnets might not hold. Duct tape, so clever:).

  2. Oh I get so sad when I see posts as cool as this one!! We can't get Duck tape in New Zealand. We have the boring silver duct tape, but who wants that on their walls/books/boxes :(
    It looks great! and I'm sure that this year's wall will look just as good, if not better.
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  3. I am in awe that you have magnetic walls. I can only imagine all of the possibilities. I have never tried tablecloths, but I do use a lot of colored butcher paper that I get in the library. I have some fabric in my room, but it collects a ton of dust. I haven't jumped on the Duck Tape wagon yet, but I love seeing everyone else's creations!
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  4. I use the twin size flat sheets at Walmart. There are a number of patterns and solid colors to choose from, and they are ONLY $4!!!! You would be amazed at how the hot glue, tape, staples... come off of the fabric. I just throw it in the wash and it is ready to go for the next one!

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  6. Ooops! My 'enter' finger was too quick. Your idea of using the duct tape as a boarder is great as well. My question...does it take the paint off the wall???

  7. I bought so e of that same duck tape at Walmart! I just don't know what I'll do with it yet:) Thanks for linking up this fabulous tried it!
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  8. I would have never thought of using duct tape for borders. What a great idea! I love the colorful tape because it would match so much, but the turquoise chevron with yellow would look so classy! Can't wait to see it!

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