Friday, August 2, 2013

Currently August? NO!!!

I've been hoping to post more this week, but it's been busy. We have summer committees to look over the SOL test questions for the state, and I was selected to be on one for Grade 5 Reading. They are awesome because you get paid and fed during the week, but you also get to decide if items are fair or appropriate and suggest changes to them. It's a great learning experience to see how they create the test items and passages that actually appear on the tests, and I have a little more respect for test-creators. Plus I don't think many other states allow their teachers to form the committees that actually make these decisions. If you live in VA and teach a testing grade, you NEED to sign up for one. They have the committees for every SOL test in VA.

Anyway, I saw this last night and decided to at least start mine before heading out to committee for the day.

Listening: When I started this, no one else was awake. Now Keagan is playing with his car thing while Steven quickly showers. They've had daddy-son week since Steven teaches and is off all summer still.

Loving: My brother has been in Bosnia on a mission trip for most of the summer, so he didn't get to come visit with my parents last month. He goes back to school August 16, so he's coming for a few days. I'm so excited!

Thinking: I have put on about 5 pounds since my trip to Puerto Rico, and I just haven't been able to motivate myself to start working out again. I need to. Last night, I actually cried I was so frustrated.

Wanting: I have two pieces of furniture in my room that need a makeover, and I'm thinking it's going to happen soon. Ace Hardware is having a deal tomorrow for a free quart of paint. It only works tomorrow, so I'm going!

Needing: I have to get going for my last day of summer committees (well, I have one more Monday, but it's for something a little different).

B2S Must Haves: I'll be honest, I kind of rushed on the last one. Couldn't really think of a good one. But it works because I always want to share new books. Plus it's extra important with my new job because I will have some of these kids for 3 years (I guess it could even be for 4 if they repeat a grade).

Two final things: There is a HUGE VA Blog Hop coming up on Sunday that you WILL NOT want to miss.

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  1. I hope you have fun with your brother! Finding time to workout can be difficult and frustrating. Don't lose hope, you will make it work! That is one of the main reasons I started running. It is so easy to squeeze in whenever you have a little time.

    Eclectic Educating

  2. I got on the scale the other morning and wanted to throw it out of the window! I hope that once school starts back I will get in a better routine. Don't beat yourself up over it. You'll get back into a routine soon!


    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  3. How cool that your state gives teachers a voice! :) Don't think SC does that...
    The Sweetest Thing
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  4. I saw the paint offer! I have a bit of painting to do next week in my room. Those purple cabinets must go!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  5. I am sorry to hear you were so frustrated last night. Don't give will find time to make it happen. (I had to start getting up at 5:25 during the school year to walk, as there wasn't enough time after school. I sort of enjoy getting out there early. Sort of.)

  6. I'm planning to paint my classroom furinture too - specifically my filing cabinet. Why I decided to start with metal instead of wood I don't know :\ What are you thinking of painting?

  7. In Ontario we are also given the opportunity to become part of the testing committees. I was asked to take part this past school year, but we had been advised by our union not to take part as we were under negotiations with the government. I agree with you that being part of the validation process can be very good professional development, it gives you an understanding from the inside out.
    Have fun painting! I was thinking of doing the same thing. I saw a post where the teacher had painted all of her bookshelves black and they looked amazing. I hope I will find the time to do a few of mine before school starts.

  8. I hear ya on the weight loss thing. I have that in my Currently too! It's just so hard :( We should make a teacher/blogger weight loss support group! Can't wait to see how your painted furniture turns out!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  9. I would love a teacher blogger weight loss support group! I have to be better about getting to the gym... I just really don't want to.. but I want to want to...ya know? It is so hot here, the idea of going and getting all sweaty and then walking out into the heat makes me feel gross too - like I never cool off!

  10. I always gain a little weight over the summer even though I keep up with my workout routine. We try to go walking as a family every night in case the day gets crazy. During the school year I am up before 5 to get my workout in. I k ow you will do it!

    I applied to be on those committees before but have not been approved. My mother-in-law has done it before and loves it.

    Can't wait to see what you paint. I don't know if we have Ace Hardware here.


  11. Haha...I love your "VA is for bloggers" picture. That's funny! Can't wait to see what you Virginians have in mind =)

    -Amanda @
    Teacher at the Wheel

  12. I've always wondered how they came up with test questions. It's interesting to hear your perspective!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  13. So glad to hear someone has a say! I had concerns with the reading SOL this year.. its duration (expecting a 9 year old to take a 4 hour test) and vocabulary words in isolation for ELL students (unless context clues are useful of course).

    On a lighter note I am SUPER excited about our blog hop!!! The countdown begins!

    I'm so excited to be back in the blogging world!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade