Friday, December 14, 2012

Silence for Sandy Hook

I felt like it was appropriate to make another quick post. As most (if not all) of you know, there was a huge tragedy this morning in Newtown, CT in a school not very unlike mine. Almost 30 (I've seen different numbers) people, mostly students were killed at an elementary school. I cannot even begin to wrap my brain around it. I hear of things like this happening in high schools, colleges, and even middle schools. But what makes a person come into a kindergarten class and open fire?

We always think that everything is safe and fine in our "little kid" worlds, and I was among those who believed it. But today has shaken that belief to the core. Just yesterday I sat in a dark room with 3rd graders doing our annual intruder drill, not really concerned about it ever actually happening. But Sandy Hook was a quiet, small town school, too.

A large number of bloggers are coming together on Sunday, December 16 to post only this picture along with the title "Silence for Sandy Hook Elementary". Please join us to remember those sweet angel children and staff who died in this senseless act. And lets remember to cherish the time we have with each and every one of our students and coworkers. We really never do know when it will be our last time. I feel like that's something that keeps popping up in my world recently.

I love you all, even though I've never actually met any of you. I felt like that needed to be said. You really do mean so much to me in this strange little blogging world, and I consider you all my friends.

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