Friday, January 1, 2016

Currently a new year?

I cannot believe it's already 2016! The year ended in a bit of a whirlwird around here, but I'm looking forward to fresh starts and more time watching my sweet little boys grow into handsome young men.

Listening: Keagan and Caffrey did NOT sync their naps today, so I didn't get my usual quiet time. Although fortunately Keagan has become pretty independent, and I managed to sneak in a short nap while Caffrey slept. That is, until Keagan decided to play "Polar Express" with his train whistle. Thankfully he only woke me up!

Loving: I struggled a little with this one to be honest. It's been a bit crazy here lately. My husband and I had to travel back to MS (after just getting back from a trip at the beginning of break) after my grandmother passed away. I know it's better for her and I'm glad that she is no longer suffering, but it's made for a busy and stressful break. Despite all of that, I have an amazing family and have the pleasure of being mommy to the cutest little boys. Ever. See?

Thinking: Since this has been the first day we've been able to be home and have nothing that HAS to be done immediately, I have taken advantage of it. Of course, we do need to get some groceries, so it's probably time I at least brush my teeth and become somewhat presentable.

Wanting: Like I said, this "break" was way too busy, and I need another break to recooperate. At least Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is just around the corner. And I heard whispers of snow?

Needing: My boots literally have a hole in the bottom that I've temporarily covered with duct tape to keep water out (since it's been monsoon season everywhere). Did you know duct tape doesn't stay in one place on the bottom of shoes? I just haven't had time to find ones that are worth spending my money. Maybe I'll do that before going back to school,..

One Little Word: This was an easy one for me. Ever since Caffrey was born and we moved, I just haven't been able to find my "new normal". Everything has been hectic, and I want to find a routine. I need to get some kind of schedule going and just go with it. My hope is that it will become easier as Caffrey gets a little older and doesn't need to be held all the time.


  1. With two boys, balance will be a good thing. Try to relax your last couple days of break. You'll find some boots.
    Teaching Under the Sun

    1. Thanks! I actually ordered a pair that should be arriving this week. Can't wait to wear them!

  2. I totally understand with needing another week of break. I always say that as well but I sure am happy when the last day arrives. By then, another week would be torturous! Happy New Year to you!

  3. I hope you find the balance that you need soon! I only have one and feel the same, so I can't imagine what it's truly like for you! I guess in a few years it will all be better. Here's hoping you get to relax a bit before going bak to work.

    Literacy Spark

  4. I love how many of us have wished for another week of break...balance is a good thing! I sometimes forget that! I love stopping by blogs to get inspiration...thanks for yours! Happy New Year!

    Renee at The Science School Yard

    1. I guess I can't get too greedy though. We did have 2 weeks. It just ended up being packed with unexpected travel. Happy New Year!