Tuesday, September 1, 2015

GIF Your Face

So today was day 4 of 7 teacher workdays for us, and we were in PD all day learning how to use Chromebooks (which I'm very sad that we have to wait another year to get our own). We were playing around with apps, and I found GYF (Gif Your Face)

GIFs have become my new favorite toy on my phone. I just downloaded the GIF Keyboard app and have been sending all kinds of fun ones to friends when I text. This one is neat because you can create your own and even add text, which I haven't tried yet.

My friend, Jess, and I had fun trying to make one about how PD makes us feel, but someone added bunny ears and messed it up. Still, it was fun!

GIF Your Face

The app is free, and all you need is a webcam. I did have a little trouble copying the actual GIF instead of a URL when I was on the Chromebook, but it was easy when I pulled it up on the computer. Anyone have advice?

I'm thinking of using these with my fifth grade students as a way to illustrate different feelings vocabulary that they aren't familiar with. Then we can share them and have it available for future reference. I think this will make each "feeling" a little more memorable!

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  1. FUN stuff right there! I can't believe you have 7 days of PD...wow! We have 4! I'm sad that you don't get Chromebooks this year! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get them sooner. 5th grade was surprised with 5 new laptops this year. I about wet my pants with excitement!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'