Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Currently June

June is here, and I have lots of big news!

Listening: My parents got here Saturday to help out while Steven went back to work for the last two weeks of school. It's a good thing because there is a lot to do. Our house finally went under contract on Sunday, and they are doing the home inspection tomorrow. So today is all about cleaning and making sure everything is ready one last time. On the flip side, I'm SO glad that we don't have to do this anymore!

Loving: I was supposed to go to the hospital this morning for a scheduled c-section. Caffrey had other plans and surprised us in the early morning hours of Sunday, May 24 (read my story here - it's CRAZY)!! So instead, today I am home and getting fairly well adjusted with a 9 day old! He's the sweetest little thing, and I'm already so in love!

Thinking: Since we now have a contract on our house, that means we are going to be BUSY packing and moving! We have to close by July 17, so we had to put an offer on a house quickly (found that and had our contract accepted this morning). It's crazy how quickly everything is moving, especially after waiting so long for any bites.

Wanting: Of course, with the insanity I'm wanting to do more than I'm supposed to. I had a c-section, and the doctors basically told me I'm not supposed to lift anything heavier than my baby OR drive until my 6-week checkup. I have things to do! I'm not someone who does well with sitting back and not being able to do things, so that's been tough.

Needing: See above

Summer lovin': Pretty self-explanatory, especially with all that I've already said. We go to the beach in August, and I'm hopeful that I will have lost at least a little of my belly by then (obviously not going to try a bikini or anything yet). I've already lost 12 without doing much at all, and I'm going to try and walk as much as I can until I'm cleared to go back to the gym! Right now, I'm just ready for Steven to be out of school so we can enjoy time as a family!


  1. Love your currently blog post! Your baby is absolutely gorgeous! I hope the move runs smoothly for you!

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your precious little boy! He is adorable!! I know it's tough but be sure to take it easy and take care of you along. Things will get done :) Have a great summer. Enjoy this summer with your family!
    On the Trail of Learning

  3. Congratulations!!!! He is beautiful!! Enjoy a wonderful summer with your precious bundle!

  4. Make sure you rest! Both my kids were C-sections, and I tried to do too much too fast. I ended up setting my recovery back several weeks, due to my over enthusiasm to be productive. Enjoy your beautiful baby, your new house, and the rest of your summer! Carol's Teaching Garden

  5. Melissa...HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL?!!! You are amazing! Caffrey is absolutely adorable. Good luck with the will all be worth it in the end :)
    The Techie Teacher

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