Saturday, May 2, 2015

Five for Friday

It's May, and I'm so proud to actually be posting on time (and posting anything in general). I've been so exhausted lately, and we're getting to the uncomfortable phase of this pregnancy, so I won't have much to say here for a little while.


We started off the week with a sick little boy. Fortunately Steven was able to stay home with him on Monday (and again Wednesday after he relapsed). Then I stayed home with him yesterday. Poor thing had a rough week. He also scored his first black eye. Who knew you could get a black eye from those plastic kiddie tables? I guess anything works if you fall hard enough...


Wednesday was Title I Fun Night, and I'll just say that I'm glad it's over. Being 8 months pregnant and having 23 kids to keep up with and only 2 parent helpers was not enough. Especially with some of the personalities. It was a little chaotic. BUT no one was lost or injured in the process, and I haven't had any complaints yet. That's good!


We were supposed to have Field Day on Thursday and Friday, but they ended up moving it to next week due to rain. That made me happier because the weather is supposed to be really nice then. This preggo is in charge of the inflatables, so I plan on bringing my beach chair and taking it easy!


Since we didn't have field day today, I had to plan something quickly for my classes. I decided to use some Pixar short films to review plot with my 4th grade kids. They really enjoyed it! I reminded them that they could practice reading strategies while watching movies at home since we know they all love watching movies. I wonder if they will!

Anyway, this was our favorite. I love Agnes and the minions! We just watched a few videos and then came up with a SWBST (Somebody Wanted But So Then) for each short. We were able to easily get through two in less than 30 minutes. If the videos had all worked like they were supposed to, I was planning on doing three.


Since next week is Teacher Appreciation Week, the ladies at Adventures in Literacy Land have planned something special. Be sure to follow us so you don't miss anything!


  1. I love the idea of using the shorts to practice reading skills! I am totally borrowing that idea! What other ones did you use?
    The Blessed Teacher

    1. I used Training Wheels and Birds on a Wire, but I wanted to use Mike's New Car and Glued also. For some reason they worked in my classroom but not in the one I was using yesterday morning. Gotta love technology!

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  2. We just had our field day today! I was pregnant one year during a very hot field day...well, they are always hot, but somehow when you're pregnant it's worse. Hehe. When your day rolls around, I hope it's lots of fun!

    Primarily Speaking