Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Winter Wonders Blog Hop

Welcome to my humble little blog! One year ago today, a group of teacher-bloggers launched the website Adventures in Literacy Land to share tips and tools for effective literacy instruction. I am so excited that I have been able to be a part of this amazing group of ladies!
In honor of reaching our first full year of blogging together we are hosting a Winter Wonders Blog Hop and Birthday Celebration. Join us, if you will, to read a short post by each author, download a free literacy resource, and enter a raffle for a chance to win a Barnes and Nobles gift certificate at the very end!

As an upper grades reading teacher, one of my students' biggest struggles is finding the main idea and supporting details. There are SO many ways to review this skill, so I just wanted to highlight a few of my favorites.
  • Have students fill out main idea and details graphic organizers for writing. I like teach this for basic 5 paragraph essays anyway, and then you can expand it to where they come up with three details to support each original detail. They get to practice the skill on their own and also learn a great way to organize their writing.
  • Create short "headings" for paragraphs. This is one of my test-taking strategies, but I think it's very beneficial for the students. I emphasize SHORT headings and even explain to my students that it doesn't always have to be a complete sentence. I just want them to understand what key words are important in each section.
  • Highlight key words that appear frequently and/or use tally marks for most common words/ideas. This really helps students visualize what the author continues to discuss, and it can also help with multiple choice questions to narrow it down to the best option.
  • Let students come up with the main idea or detail when given the opposite. I begin the year giving them the main idea because it's easier to create details about a topic. But about halfway through the year, I switch it up. Then it's great practice for students to focus on key words and ideas to come up with a main idea that really matches all of the details. They really struggle with this one, but it's so important.
  • Give students main idea and details to sort into the correct pairs. This is actually the freebie that I prepared for you! I use this a lot in my independent centers, but I like to make sure that each set is similar enough that it's a bit of a challenge to the students. Some of the cards require students to really pay attention and decide what fits best.
Click on the graphic below, but be sure to download soon because it will only be free for 24 hours! Sorry, the time has now expired on the freebie, but you can still purchase it for $2 in my shop!

Snowmen Main Idea and Supporting Details

Hope you enjoy my freebie and the rest of your journey through our blog hop!


  1. The "next stop" link doesn't work correctly. Love your ideas and I am a new follower.

    1. Sorry about that! It's fixed and should work for you now!

  2. I love your suggestions for main idea. I downloaded your freebie, and I am looking forward to using it with my students. Thank you!

    Fit to be Fourth

  3. I like all of your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    Mind Sparks

  4. Some really great ideas! I think your freebie is going to be really useful even with my year 2 class - I have plans for it...thank you!
    Growing Little Learners

  5. Oh my goodness...we can never have enough main idea and detail resources. This is ADORABLE!!! Thank you so much!
    The Techie Teacher

    1. I agree! My file is HUGE for the skill! Glad you liked it.

  6. ^^ I second what Julie said. ^^ Thanks for sharing an effective main idea strategy and snowman freebie.
    Read With Me ABC

  7. Oh dear, I missed your freebie, as I was stuck in bed with the flu. :-( I did notice all the other bloggers' freebies were still free, though.
    Special Ed Shenanigans on TPT

    1. I'm so sorry that you missed it. Unfortunately since my product was already in my TPT store, I needed to keep it as a flash freebie, as did about half of the other bloggers on this hop. You can always follow me by email to get alerts on new posts, or be sure to follow my Facebook page do you won't miss anything next time. I hope you're feeling better and can enjoy the other freebies, though!