Friday, July 18, 2014

Five for Friday - July 18


This has been a busy week, but we've had a lot of fun!

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I've been wanting S'mores all summer, but we had to get rid of our firepit after it rusted. So when we got together with some friends last weekend, we brought all the supplies to do it at their house. Someone else is a fan, too!

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We spend a lot of time with Steven's family, but this week we had a surprise visit from his brother and kids who live in TN! They called Monday saying that they would be here the next day. Keagan LOVED having all of his cousins around to hang out. I thought this picture of the boys was too cute not to catch.

I had to pry him away last night, and I know he's going to be bored with just us today. Hopefully we'll have a chance to go visit them before school starts back!

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Wednesday was the big VA Blogger meet-up, and I had SO much fun! There were more bloggers than I expected, and I was only able to introduce myself to some of them. I also was terrible about taking pictures, so almost all of these are stolen from Mrs. Stamp (Thanks, Karen!) who, by the way, is SUPER sweet! Everyone I talked to was, and I could have spent a good week getting to know them better. Some of the girls I learned lived pretty close, so we may be getting together again soon. Plus we decided another VA Blogger meet-up was in order much sooner than last time!

Since 4 of the Adventures in Literacy Land ladies are VA bloggers, we had to get our token picture together (Andrea from Reading Toward the Stars, Jessica from Hanging out in First, and Carla from Comprehension Connection). We also did a gift exchange, and I scored this awesome basket from Rachel at Mrs. O "Knows" - such a sweetie! We're hoping to get together very soon since she lives pretty close!

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I felt bad because I was basically gone all day Wednesday between the meet-up and a Pinterest party that I'll share more about later. But my sweet little boy greeted me with this picture and said, "I colored mommy!" That morning before I left, he told me I looked like a princess. Boys are too sweet!

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Yesterday we spent the day at the pool! My little fish wore his daddy out. He stayed in the pool for hours, and he's even starting to doggie paddle on his own!

I did get in this time and actually swim, but I spent more time outside of the pool with this little guy! He's 1 month old now, and he's just too cute!


  1. It sure was fun on Wednesday to put faces with names! I am ready for the next one, for sure!


  2. Have you come across the site with the gourmet S'mores recipes? If not, I will be sure to share it with you! I can't wait to hear more about this Pinterest party! You have all sorts of fun things going on. So glad we've connected and I'm looking forward to meeting up again soon!


  3. Looks like you had fun at your blogger meet up!!


  4. Boys are the sweetest, and your son's picture is so sweet. :) The blogger meet up looks like it was a ton of fun! I can't wait to hear more about the Pinterest Party!
    Livin’ the Third Grade Dream