Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day Sale

Carla Fedeler's photo.

Looks like a BIG storm is headed this way (like maybe 14 inches HERE in Richmond)... a few of us Virginia bloggers (and more) decided to put together a little snow sale. We each chose two of our products to put on SALE, but it will only last through tomorrow night! Here are my two products:

The Case of the Carrot Nose Bandit- an activity for drawin
A fun little mystery for post-snow inferences: this product is usually $4, but I've marked it down to $2! I use these mysteries to practice making inferences, and my kids love them. This one is more science related and would be great if you're teaching animal adaptations.

President's Day Writing Craftivity
And for those of you who are last minute planners (like me), you can score this deal for $1 today! I know we're supposed to be in school for President's Day, so this fun little craft is on my schedule for Monday.

Have fun shopping, and stay warm! I'm crossing my fingers and all that jazz for a snow day tomorrow!

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