Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Workshop Wednesday

I'm linking up with Jivey for her monthly edition of Workshop Wednesday! Instead of every week, we'll do one each month.

This month's theme is one I can get behind BIG time because it's all about Pinterest! I'm sure there are tons of you with me who are crazy about Pinterest, too. I spent a long time last summer reorganizing my boards and probably have about 8 boards that are related to teaching only. Please feel free to follow me here! Now for the pins. I didn't do any math pins because I don't teach it, however I do have a board for math, science, and social studies ideas that I made when I was teaching 4th grade.


In the upper grades, it's such a huge thing to focus on your thinking as a reader. Since I work with the struggling readers, I see this need even more. Many of my students just rush through a book and never stop to think about what's going on. I love this anchor chart with codes for thinking.


In fifth grade for VA, students have to take the writing SOL. We have some very weak writers, and so I want to focus on expanding sentences to make them more interesting. I also plan on using Jivey's Mentor Sentences. I've already pinned her second pack that she just finished, and I'm hoping to buy it soon!


  1. I definitely agree with the need to get struggling readers to focus on their thinking instead of rushing through their reading. I see that a lot too. I also love Jivey's mentor sentences!

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  2. I just loaded up my bag(okay, bags), and locked up my classroom for the summer. My resources on sentences and paragraphs were in one bag. I plan on focusing on sentences right from the start with my struggling readers/writers this next year.

  3. I knew I'd love your pins!! Off to follow your boards! :)
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