Monday, October 22, 2012

My first literature unit!

I have been so excited about all the sales that I've made with my Halloween products, and now I'm starting to think ahead to Thanksgiving. I have some great ideas floating around, but most of them are still in the incubator stage. However, today I finished my very first literacy unit!

Since I work with struggling readers in grades 3-5, I am always looking for good books that catch their attention but are on a low enough reading level. Magic Tree House has become a favorite of mine for 4th grade. They're almost all level M (beginning 3rd grade), so it's right where most of those kids are now and hopefully where my 3rd graders will be soon!

Right now we're reading Lions at Lunchtime, and I'm teaching them how to stop and jot with post-it notes. We're doing pretty well with it, but I wanted to put together a packet for them to work through and practice answering a variety of questions like they do in their classroom. I'm so proud of this packet, and it's perfect for my next book. There are 6 pages (covering a maximum of two chapters at a time) with a variety of questions from reflections to definitions. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and keep an eye out for more Thanksgiving AND more literature units soon (just not too soon)!

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